Hey guys, long time no talk for sure.. I had no motivation what so ever to blog for some reason and mainly focused on posting photos on Instagram because well, it is a social media activity just like blogging and I've just been enjoying the easiness of it lately. But for the past week or so I've been really missing blogging; actually going out to take proper outfit photos and writing a bit more than just a few words on the captions of my Instagram posts. So, yesterday I decided to take a few pictures with my mom for the first time in a long time and they actually turned out great! Maybe you will hear a bit more from me again here in the near future..


A lot has happened since I've been gone. I finished first year of uni (grade wise, let's just say I passed everything...), got an internship as an assistant for a fashion editor in Helsinki (which was AMAZING) got a flat for next year in Scotland and so much more. I might do a separate post about my internship if you guys are interested in knowing  a bit more about it, how I applied and all. But that was for sure the highlight of my summer so far, and well the first time I actually got to work so closely with the industry I'm passionate about and where I want to work at in the future. And even though my time in Helsinki was so nice, thankfully there's still some more things to look forward to this summer. My best friend is visiting me from Scotland in August and we're going to the Flow- festival in Helsinki for three full days! I went there last year and it was for sure an amazing experience and an incredible festival. And this year there's even more artists I'm looking forward to seeing, like one of my all time favorites Frank Ocean, without forgetting some other great ones like Alma, Vince Staples, Flume and so on. I can't wait!


Jacket/Thrifted, Shirt/Thrifted, Jeans/Bershka, Shoes/H&M, Sunglasses/Mango, Jewelry/H&M


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