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Hey again. I always say to myself I wanna start blogging more but that motivation lasts for a solid 8 seconds, just like my attention span when it comes to uni work nowadays (I'll get it done, just need several breaks in between hahaha). Uni has been overall going pretty well, just need to really focus these last few weeks before hand-ins, but to be fair I'm not even stressing about any of the deadlines, which I don't know if I should be concerned or happy about. I'm just one of those people that will get in done in time, even though there would be loads of procrastination happening prior to the last week.

I've recently found quite a few gems from the thrift stores again, mostly going there to find photoshoot stuff (so excited for my upcoming photoshoots btw, might show final images here on my blog at some point), but also finding some things for myself. One of them is this ah-mazing faux fur coat. It is probably one of the most expensive items I've bought from the thrift stores (I mean, it was still hella cheap for a big coat), but also probably one of my favourites, and also an amazing coat for the colder weather. Definitely bringing this with me to Finland when I'm going there over Christmas.

So, here's a few recent #ootd pics my friend Louise (@louisecmair) snapped of me while I was getting some Instagram photos of the outfit. If you guys do wanna see me more often, definitely go to my Instagram (@lindalovesfashion) because I'm waaaaay more active there than I'm on here. But I do have some youtube videos filmed for you so stay tuned for those. Have a great weekend boys and girls x

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  1. Love so so much this outfit!! Specially the coat!!
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  4. I would love to have that coat. So perfect for this holiday season. Great post!

  5. Wonderful winter coat. I like furry coat so much makes you feel more warm.

  6. Where did you bought this winter coat?I like it!