Hi guys, hope you're all having somewhat a decent week. Here are a few shots my friend Emma took while we were playing around with our cameras at our uni's photography studio today. I'm loving the fact that this year we actually have a proper photography course where they're teaching us all the little technical stuff at uni (which is obviously very handy to know when you're studying fashion communication where photography is a huuuuge part of the course), and I feel like I'm not as lost with what I'm doing like last year. We obviously had to do tons of photography, but they didn't actually teach us all the technical bits, which I think would've been pretty important to know before we started doing full on photoshoots. That could've saved me from a few mental breakdowns last year, but oh wellllll, I survived, and not gonna lie I really did like most of the photoshoots I did last year. And I'm not saying that I don't think I won't have a few mental breakdowns this semester too. Feel like they're kinda a part of the whole uni experience hahaha.

I feel like overall uni work is starting to pile up a bit (which might start to stress me out soon), but can't even be bothered about it right now because I'M 21 TOMORROW. So excited for my birthday this year, me and bunch of my friends are going for dinner and cocktails in Edinburgh and dressing up all nice (my birthday dress is actually the prettiest thing, although it's so short it's a bit uncomfortable to wear but hey ho, I'm gonna look banging so who cares). Also, we're celebrating Halloween on Saturday and Tuesday (which is the actual Halloween day, thank god I don't have uni the next day) and I'm looking forward to that a lot. In Finland Halloween isn't huge, so I'm loving the fact that here I can actually properly dress up and go all out! Hope you guys have a great weekend and go crazy for Halloween. Byeeeee.



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