Hey again. Finally here with another outfit post, took these pictures a while back and finally have some time to share them with you. I've been back in Scotland for almost a month now and I'm enjoying it a lot. I feel like I'm constantly busy hanging out with friends, at uni etc, but not in a bad way at all. I'm sharing a flat with my bestie in the town centre and I feel like being in a busier environment makes me want to go out and do more things, compared to living in the uni halls last year. Our flat is very slowly coming together, we still have loads of decor items we need to buy but I'm sure we'll get there eventually. But it does already feel like home!

Quite a bit has been going on since I've last updated my blog. For example last week I did a small trip to Manchester for the first time. I'm a student ambassador for Boux Avenue, so they invited me there to an introduction event, where I met some of the other ambassadors, had some free cake and champagne (I never say no to free cake) and overall had a blast. These joggers I'm wearing in these pictures are from Boux Avenue actually and I've been pretty much living in them since I got them in the beginning of this month. Actually, before these pictures, I wore them as pyjama bottoms for the previous night too, and just dressed them up with a bodysuit and heels. So I feel like it's safe to say that they're probably the comfiest joggers I've ever owned. They come with a hoodie as well btw! Here's the link to them ( LINK).

And because I'm an ambassador,  you can use the code LINDA20 for everything 20% off at Boux Avenue! Yay.



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  1. I really love your style! The body suit hugs you in so nicely!

  2. The boots are so fab and you look absolutely stunning!

  3. Lovely dear..The boots are so nice!

  4. not just comfy and casual but sexy as well. Nice outfit!

  5. Nice outfit! Looks great on you.

  6. I life your outfit, perfectly beautiful!