Just decided to come here and quickly say hello. My mornings have usually looked like this while I've been on holiday. Obviously I set up everything nicely for this photo, because I'm as fake as most people on the internet hahah -- in reality some of the coffee would probably be on the table or on my shirt (clumsy mess alert) , and the table would be our kitchen one which isn't as aesthetically pleasing as this one and no, I don't need sunglasses next to me while chilling at home either, just got them in the post today though and I was too lazy to put them anywhere and they look nice. Kinda make me look like an alien but I'm all about that look, been so obsessed with sunglasses lately!

I wish my life was more interesting than this, but pretty much how I've been spending most of my days has been reading fashion news (I always write down all the interesting things from the news just so I can look at them later for inspo/knowledge/for fun etc.), watching youtube videos (MIGHT do a vlog next week when my friend comes -- stay tuned for that!), drinking loads and loads of coffee (slowly becoming a caffeine addict) and scrolling through Instagram or Facebook (MEMES). Once in a while I edit pictures and come here to write something. I occasionally have a social life too, hah.

And that's it for now, I'll try to post an #ootd here before my friend comes because I won't be posting when she's here. But we'll see, byyyyye.

Sunglasses are from Asos and phone case is from Nunuco Design (link) .


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