Hey again, hope you're all having a great start of the week! I found these vintage Tommy Hilfiger sunnies from the thrift store for just 2€ and I'm absolutely obsessed with them. To be honest they look way cooler when I wear them like this and not "fully" in front of my eyes , so they're really not the most convenient pair of sunnies to wear when it's actually really sunny... OH WELL, fashion, am I right hahah. But nevertheless I feel like they really give that cool 90s vibe to any look, and I wanted to continue with that vibe and added a vintage Adidas jacket to the look, to contrast the lace bodysuit nicely and make the whole look a bit more relaxed. The lace bodysuit I got from Yoins (LINK) and it's so pretty! Usually with websites similar to Yoins I size up with the stuff I get and that's why got a size M, but at least with this bodysuit I would definitely recommend just sticking to your usual size, because a small would've definitely fit me better!

I really really really need to start packing for Scotland now so will keep this post short and sweet. Hope you enjoy the pictures!



7 kommenttia:

  1. I really love your outfit. Your jacket is so trendy.

  2. Great outfit! I love your silhouette top. Great posts.

  3. You look stunning in that outfit. I really love it. Great share, dear!

  4. I like your jacket. Nice color.

  5. Great outfit, the jumpsuit is perfect for you.

  6. Nice Jacket and that laced black top. Keep posting!