Cold Shoulder


Hey there. I've been really ill for the past week, but I'm finally getting better! I went to London for the weekend before I got sick and I guess the dirty undergrounds etc weren't really good for me. I couldn't get out of my bed, everything hurt, I had a fever AND tonsillitis... Not fun.
Anyways, I'm all good now, and unfortunately I didn't get that many pictures from my London trip.I might do a video for you guys though, because I did get some quick video clips there and there. The main reason for the trip was meeting my family again for the first time in over two months! I turned 20, my sister turned 22 and my mum turned 50 that weekend, so the trip was overall just a big birthday celebration. We definitely had a blast, London is just such an amazing city; there's just so much to see and so much to do.. I could definitely live there one day!

This outfit I wore a while back; It's quite classy, but still very relaxed and comfortable. I'm absolutely in love with this light pink blouse that I got from ASOS; it falls so beautifully and looks very elegant (even though it's a little wrinkly, I know, I know hahah). I paired the blouse with just some simple statement items from my closet and ta-dah; perfect look for day and night.



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