Balenciaga inspired


Just when I got the motivation to start blogging weekly again, my computer decided to be a little shit and run out of space for some weird reason (even though I deleted pretty much everything I could). Thank god for the worker at the Apple store who was kind enough to help me clear up some space from my computer. Great costumer service just makes me so happy.


Even though I always thought of myself as a confident person, especially when it comes to my style, I feel like in my home town something was holding me back a bit. Maybe it was the fact that I knew people would notice immediately if I wore something a bit different, or maybe it was the lack of inspiration I had around me, but for some reason, I feel like it's been improving after I moved to Scotland, to a direction that I very much like. Even though I live in a smaller town, I'm experimenting a lot more with my outfits and looks, and I'm feeling inspired all the time.

This outfit was inspired by Balenciaga's F/W 16 show. The off-the-shoulder jackets were one of my favourites from the whole season: Especially the oversized red puffer jacket, styled with the embellished turtleneck. Ever since I saw that look, I knew I wanted a puffer jacket too. I never really liked puffer jackets before, and I felt like they were something I would never wear, but that look definitely changed my mind. Now I'm in love.
I paired my puffer jacket+turtleneck combo with these jeans from Mango, that are the perfect add for this cool girl look. And I can't forget to talk about these gorgeous heels I ordered, while being blinded by the neon -50& off sign in the Missguided website. The lace up on the side makes them a bit more interesting, yet they are still simple enough to pair with a lot of different looks. They're also comfortable enough to wear to school. Major points for that.



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