Exploring Edinburgh


Hey guys! Finally, I remembered to ask someone to snap a few outfit pictures of me (thanks Emma), so here you go: a new outfit post for you guys! It really has been a while.

In case you didn't already know, I absolutely adore thrifting. This jacket is probably one of my favorite finds in a long time: It looks expensive and well made, it is super comfortable, and it was only 8£.
The jacket had these huge shoulder pads in it, but I had to take them off. Even though I've seen some designers rocking the shoulder pads in some of their collections, they don't really suit me...At all. The shoulder pads were inside the jacket, so unfortunately I had to cut it open from the inside, and it really wasn't pretty. But when I'm wearing the jacket, you obviously can't see my very amateurish shoulder pad surgery, so I don't mind.

The shirt is thrifted too. It's real silk and I love styling it like this; unbuttoning a few buttons from the bottom and tying it for that extra relaxed look. The shirt itself is so nice, that many times I just pair it with high wasted jeans and sneakers. And that's what I did this day too.



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  1. Aww your jacket is perfect dear! Its color is truly amazing! <3

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