Hey guys! Today I wanted to share some tips for thrifting with you, because in case you didn't know, I LOVE IT! I'm also pretty sure many of you guys do too, or at least you should. Here are some of the WHY's and HOW's that I wanted to share with you as a very loyal thrift shop visitor:

(jacket thrifted)


1. It's eco-friendly  There's so much pollution and all that other crap in this world already, so by thrifting (and not always buying new clothes from H&M, Zara etc) you're doing something good for the environment too.

2. It's cheap Almost all of my thrift shop finds have been 5€ or under. So yeah, definitely very wallet-friendly.

3. You'll find some cool/unique pieces Usually people sell their old clothes, so you won't be seeing 10 different people wearing the same thing as you when you go somewhere. And to be honest, I'd rather wear a vintage adidas jacket than a new one from the store anyways!

There's probably SO much more reasons, but let's move to the "how's"....

(shirt thrifted)
(jacket thrifted)


So, you find your local thrift store, go in and look what you like... That's it!

Haha just kidding, here are some (more) tips that I've found useful from my own experience:

1. Check if there are any stains/holes Okay, so you're getting a cool shirt for 3€: great, but when you get home and realize there's a huge stain on it that you won't be able to get off: not that great. Even though you're getting things for really cheap, you want to check the clothes always, so there won't be any unwanted holes or stains. It's still money that you're pretty much throwing away, if you realize at home that you won't be able to or do not want to wear the thing you just bought.

2. Check out the men's clothes too (and vice versa) Seriously. Pretty much half of the clothes I've bought from the thrift store are men's. I love everything oversized, and usually those oversized clothes are men's (you know, they just have bigger clothes in general). So roll up the sleeves, maybe cut the hem or something and ta-dah, you got yourself a cool-ass jacket/button-down/cardigan/whatever you found. And that actually leads to my next tip:

3. Use your imagination Like rolling up the sleeves of an old oversized button-down shirt, use your imagination when finding something that is great, but not quite. If a top is a bit too long? Cut it. If a pair of jeans are kinda baggy but the top part fits perfectly? Make them into shorts. If you find a cool shirt with ugly shoulder pads? Take them off. When it comes to thrifting, you many times find clothes that are kinda cool, but something needs to be fixed. So you just gotta use your imagination and fix them.

4. Don't be sad if you can't find anything The fun thing about thrift shops is that there are always new items there, in many cases pretty much everything changes weekly (depends on the thrift shop obviously). So if you can't find your cool oversized denim jacket the first time, next week you might find 10.

5. Try things on Obviously everything might not fit you, even thought it looks like it will. And like with the stains/holes, you don't want to spend money on an item that doesn't fit. Even though it's cheap, it might not be that wise in the long run, when you've spend a lot of money on things you can't use.

6. Sell your own clothes too You're getting rid of your own unwanted clothes and getting money at the same time? That's pretty awesome if you ask me. But if you're pricing the clothes by yourself (and they don't do it at the store), don't be too greedy. No one wants to buy an old H&M top for 15€, when you bought it for 30€ (unless it's something really unique, I guess). And also, don't sell clothes that are in a really bad condition. Unless they're in bad condition in a cool vintage way, there's a difference.

(Oh, and don't sell your old underwear, used makeup etc.. Just don't)

7. Go there for home decor too etc. At least in my thrift stores, people sell pretty much everything, so they're great places for finding some cool vintage home decor items too for example!

(jacket and belt thrifted)

So that's it! Comment down below if you have any tips of your own.

PS. check out my lookbook where I style some of my thrifted pieces:



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  1. I wish I was able find vintage adidas jackets and stuff like you do, hahaha! Great post xx