Hey again! I don't know what's up with me and these blogging breaks, but it's actually been really warm for the past few weeks so sitting at home in front of the computer is the last thing I've wanted to do. It's getting colder again though, so I think next week it'll going to be to first think I want to be doing. With a blanket. And some snacks. Oh yes.

This outfit I wore a few weeks ago- it is the perfect mix of put together-ness and hobo-ness. This jacket you probably already know I adore, and this dress is also one of my favorites (yay for wearing dresses again btw). The lace up detailing on it so nice, and I've seen it EVERYWHERE this spring/summer too. I prefer wearing a short top etc underneath it though, because otherwise the dress would be a little bit too revealing for my liking. Oh and I probably don't need to say anything about these boots, do I? I wear them way too much and I think it's time for me to get some new shows asap.


Another thing I've seen a lot lately is pins. I love the look they give jackets - they look instantly so much more cooler and more unique, without forgetting that edgy vibe. I'm actually on a mission to find some nice vintage pins from the thrift store, because I want to drown my denim jackets in them. BUT I was actually fortunate enough to be sent this pin from the WKNDRS (website here), and it is the very first one in my non-excisting collection. I remember collecting pins when I was younger and now I regret ever throwing them away. That Snoopy pin would've looked damn good on my denim jacket too.


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