Yeah, my titles are always so creative hahahah!

Anyways, hello there everyone. Hope you're all having a great start of the week, I feel like I've been working so much lately and sleeping so little I think I might go crazy at some point. Plus all the stuff I need to plan for my move... It's in three and a half months but I'm already nervous if I'm able to do everything on time. We just booked our flights and our hotel where I'm staying for a few days with my family so things are definitely going to the right direction. Imagine my stress in three months tho, when the move is only a few weeks away.. yikes.

This green bomber jacket is definitely my new favorite item in my closet! It's from Sheinside (LINK) and it is the perfect bomber jacket for the spring/summer time! It's just the right amount of oversized, suuuuper comfy and well, it looks good with everything. I paired it with my some distressed pieces that I've been really into lately (just in general actually, the whole hobo look is kinda my thing nowadays haha) and of course my knee high boots, that I actually folded a bit so they wouldn't cover the cool holes in my jeans. They didn't look bad that way either!

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