Hey again! SO update time:

- I got accepted to all the school's I applied to, whaaaaat?!
- I chose the one in Scotland
- I'm moving there after summer and I'm super nervous yet excited at the same time
- I'm going to study fashion communication's, perfect subject for me!
- I'll document all my adventures there to my blog/youtube, obviously.

So yeah.. That was it. Some big things happening after summer, yikes. Now something about the outfit:

Can we just talk about these pants.... Gosh, I'm absolutely in love with them. I got them from Sheinside (LINK) and they fit me perfectly (size S), which was something I was kinda nervous about at first. They're super comfortable and I've been wearing them quite a lot already. I'm in love with flared pants in general, and I definitely need to add some more to my collection as soon as I find some more cute ones.

I styled the pants with this thrifted button-down I tied from the bottom to make the look a bit more interesting. I tied the whole look together with something I thought I'd never be this obsessed with : chokers. Okay, the black scarf/choker is actually just a piece of fabric, but hey, it looks good so why not!



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  1. Congratulations! I love Scotland! I do hope that you enjoy it there! Great flares! What a wonderful vintage vibe!
    : signe :
    : the daily savant :

  2. Lovely! And congrats on getting accepted! xx


  3. Oh gosh! What a lovely blog you have! And congratulations on your acceptance! :-)