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Hey guys! Yay for a new outfit post. I actually have a lot of outfit pictures that I haven't posted yet here on my computer, but for some reason I just post them on Instagram and then forget about them entirely. (follow me there btw, I post pretty much daily or every other day @lindalovesfashion)

So some updates, maybe? Probably the biggest thing is that I started working at Gina Tricot which is super exciting. I'm just a trainee, but the experience is the main thing I wanted anyways so it's easier for me to get a job in the future. Today was my second day and even though I don't really know anything (there's so much new stuff for me to learn!) I do enjoy it A LOT. Working with people and well, with fashion, is something I definitely enjoy doing, but gosh.. All the clothes I want to buy! This is going to be quite difficult because I need to save money for school and all that. I have to keep reminding myself that paying for my education and living in the near future is more important than that mint colored bomber I really want..... UGH, it's so cute though...


I've been really into turtle necks lately. I wore my black one SO much that I decided to buy a white one too, and let me just say it is the perfect layering piece and you will definitely see me wear turtle necks a lot in the future! These pants are something I bought a while back. They were definitely out of my comfort zone, but now I do really like them. I always try to push my "style limits" so I can make my style more unique and more experimental. I think I've done a pretty good job so far and I'll definitely continue buying clothes that are a little out of my comfort zone in the future too. Like a wise man/woman once said, "great things never came from comfort zones" (and these pants are pretty great to me).



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  1. Love it! :)


  2. Love the bomber jacket! And the color of your lipstick! xx


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