Black on Black


Well hello there my lovely readers, long time no talk/see/blogging. Finally I can say my portfolio work is done, and I've actually heard from three schools already and to my surprise I got in to all of them (just as long I pass my IELTS test) ! So, even though I haven't heard back from the last school, at least I can say I'm officially moving to the UK this Fall! You don't even know how happy I am, because my long time dream is actually becoming a reality. Anyway, more about that later, but let's talk about the outfit shall we?

This has to be one my favorite looks I've worn in a long time, just because it has two of my most worn and favorite pieces at the moment: These super cool knee high boots and this black turtle neck from H&M (it's organic cotton btw, yay for eco-friendly fashion!).
 With my favs, I decided to wear these awesome culottes I got from the sales for the first time actually, and I think I fell in love with them all over again when I put them on. They're seriously so comfortable and of course a super stylish alternative to your basic skinny jeans. And because the outfit was already full on black, I just decided to add even more black with this leather jacket that I think I've worn way too much for the past two years. And of course, a hat must not be forgotten. First I didn't know wether to wear this fedora or this cool bright blue beanie I got not so long ago, but I picked out the fedora for these photos. I wore the beanie with this look yesterday though, and it looked super cool too! You'll definitely see me wearing that in the near future here on my blog, because it's actually also one of my newest obsessions.



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  1. Goossh oot upea! ♥

  2. You look amazing!


  3. Stunning! you and the outfit!! :)

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