Hey again! For today's post I wanted to do something a little different.. And tell you all about my hair and the products I use. Hope you enjoy!

So first of all, I've never dyed my hair. Even though occasionally I would want to, I haven't come around to doing so and I actually really like my natural hair color. I'm kinda afraid of dying it too, because I'm afraid I'll ruin it or the color won't turn out right. My hair was in a pretty bad condition anyways before I cut it last week. One mistake I made in the past was not always using heat protectant, and that was a bad one. My hair was in a pretty horrible condition, but thankfully I've now learned my lesson and I'm trying to grow it back healthier again!

I never straighten my hair, because it's pretty straight naturally and I don't like the suuuper straight look on me anyways. But I do curl my hair quite often and currently I have two curlers I use, the other one for more natural and loose curls (shown in the picture) and the other one for tighter curls. I always focus my curls to the ends of my hair, and I do like that kind of natural messy look, nothing too perfect for me! The Irresistible Me RUBY curling iron was sent to me recently (for the looser curls) and it actually rotates! It's a really fun concept and it's actually pretty convenient and easy when you practice it a few times. I love how I can text my friends or eat while curling my hair because other hand is completely free! I don't have to hold the other end of my hair with my hand (the claps helps with that too) and that's awesome. Here's a link to the HAIR CURLER.
Sometimes I'm not just feeling the looser curl though, and that's when I use my other curler from Remington (LINK HERE). My favorite thing about this curler is that it does the curl so freaking fast. I don't even need to use that much heat or anything, it's just some weird black magic: five seconds and ta-dah, you got yourself a perfect curl. So this one I definitely always use when I'm in a hurry! Aaand that's actually all the heat I use for my hair.


I don't use that many products either on my hair, but these are the ones I do use. First of all argain oil, a product I just started using to keep my ends healthy. I've heard so many good things about it and I'm more than excited to see the results (or at least the lack of split ends).
The volume spray I actually got from the H&M X BALMAIN event's gift bag. I didn't really have high hopes for the product but it actually is pretty amazing. It gives me sooo much volume and more than happy to get another bottle as soon as this one's finished.
The heat protectant was recommended by a hairdresser, so I believe her words that it's good. It apparently helps with keeping the curl in place too, and even though I never really focus on things like that (one of the reasons I suck at reviewing hair products, whoopsie), it definitely does its job.
And last but not least, the Loréal hairspray was again a recommendation from a hairdresser, and it really does hold my curl pretty well and doesn't leave that sticky mask on my hair! I hate when hairsprays do that.


That's about it for this post. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments if you'd like! An outfit post is coming later this week and a video is coming soon too, so stay tuned for those!


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