Lazy days

Hey guys. Having a super chill day today and decided to come here and say hi! It's been freezing lately (about -25C) so I've been staying indoors as much as possible. I don't really enjoy the cold weather, it's obviously beautiful outside and all, but if I have to look like an eskimo to go out, no thank you! Tumblr and my blanket are definitely the perfect company for these lazy days. Also I'm super tired because we were celebrating my friends birthday yesterday. I can't believe I'm turning 20 this year too. That's like... An adult. Crazy how time flies, but I'm super excited for this year too. Fingers crossed that I get into an university in the UK to study fashion, because that has honestly been my dream since I was a little girl (that's such a cliche, but it's true! When I was 12 I even wrote that to a letter to myself that I read a few years later. I didn't even remember that I had dreamed of it ever since I was that young.) But hey, if I don't get in, there's always next year, and life will figure itself out in one way or another. Positive vibes people, positive vibes, haha! I'm not giving up that easily. And you shouldn't either.


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