Sunny day essentials

Finally it's been super warm here in Finland too! I've been spending my days outside tanning, watching tv shows, reading magazines and listening to music. I've got pretty good tan lines already so yay for that! Most of our summer has been really crappy here, it's been raining all the time and it has been under 20 degrees celsius pretty much every day. But for some reason now it has gotten warmer and I've finally gotten a use out of my new bikini I received a while back from  Khongboon Swimwear. Here's a link to the exact bikini I have (they're handmade and also...reversible! The other side is striped and the other side is solid black, I like to wear them like shown in the picture.)

Here I have my essentials for these hot days: strawberries are my favorite fruit so obviously I love eating them while enjoying the weather. Also I've been binge watching Pretty Little Liars these past few days and finally watched the season finale today! (If you've seen it please tell me your thoughts hahaha, I was pretty shocked myself). But yeah, that's why I chose my laptop rather than a magazine for one of my essentials. And then some other obvious essentials like my bikini, headphones, sunglasses and a water bottle (life tip: don't forget to drink a sh*t load of water guys, there's soooo many benefits).


ALSO if you decide to order any bikini from Khongboon Swimwear, you get 15% off and free shipping worldwide by using the code FABCOLLAB15 

Have an awesome week everyone x

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  1. So Lovely ! :-)

    Enjoy your Day! | Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  2. Vitsi miten kivan näköset biksut! :)

  3. Is it sunny right there? Hungary is so rainy!
    xx, Flora

  4. Nice sunnies, love it :) Kiss from France, *-* Sand. *-*


  5. That's so good for you! I hope you're enjoying the sun, and ahh, your bikini is so cute! I've heard that the PLL finale is shocking but have yet to watch it myself!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  6. Great that you can finally enjoy the sun :) Just started Pretty Little Liars and I am addicted :D
    xo Kristina

  7. I miss summer so much and that I could be tanning right now! Thanks for your comment :)

    xx opinionslave.com

  8. Great post, love the monochrome bikini!