Whoa, it's been a busy week for me.. I graduated (pictures of what I wore coming next week hopefully) and I also started my (second) summer job! Because I've been so busy, I haven't had time to take any pictures, and that's why I decided to show you guys some music I enjoy once again! Hope you like the songs, and maybe discover some new music :)

(Disclaimer: my music taste is kinda weird, I like music from all kinds of genres haha!)

(live version but this is still pretty damn good)

+ So Far (It's Alright) - The 1975
+ Lithium-Nirvana
+ When The Sun Goes Down- Arctic Monkeys
+ Dani California & Tell Me Baby- RHCP

^couldn't find these from soundcloud


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  1. Jees nää on kivoja, oon löytäny sun aikasemmista musiikki postauksista monta uutta suosikkia!:)