White on white


Hey again! Gosh, I've been on the search of my graduation dress for ages, and I still haven't found it.. I don't know what to do anymore. The struggle is real hahah! Other than that, I've been doing good, thankfully I'm not sick anymore, because I was getting so sick of it (pun intended hahah).

This outfit I absolutely adore. This is the first time this year I'm wearing a skirt (yay for that!) and I'm so excited about the fact that summer is getting closer and closer and I'll be able to wear more skirts soon! I'm a huuuuge skirt lover, and all in all I just love wearing summer-y clothes like dresses and shorts etc. Anyways, it's still not THAT warm, so I had to pair this skirt with a jacket. But I don't mind it, I really like how this outfit turned out.

Have a great day everyone x


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