Birthday outfit


Hello again! I apologize for not posting this last weekend like I said I would, I just had such a busy weekend (plus I was pretty much sleeping all on Saturday, because I stayed up until 4am!) but better late than never right?

On Friday I celebrated my birthday with my friends, but this was what I wore on Saturday when a couple of my relatives came to visit to celebrate my and my moms birthday. I actually realized that this outfit is very similar to what I wore on my last birthday, and actually pretty much the same outfit that I wore on my lookbook video a couple months back, but hey, I just love this white blazer & sequin skirt combo too much haha. I was trying to find something new to wear for my birthday but like everyone knows, when you're trying to find something, it's really hard to find it, and when you're not trying to find anything.. Well you pretty much want to buy the whole store. That happens to me way too often!

Anyway, I hope you like this outfit as much as I do! I had an AMAZING birthday, and to be honest being 18 feels pretty damn awesome. Have a great day everyone xxx


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