Homemade mocha


I bet most of you, just like me, love drinking hot drinks in the fall time. That's why I decided to show you my favorite drink that I do at home whenever 1) I feel like drinking something yummy and 2) I want some extra energy (because you know... There's coffee in it). To be honest I hate plain coffee, but love other coffee drinks that don't have that much coffee in them. Mocha is definitely one of my favorites, and that's why I decided to show you how I do it at home. It's probably not exactly the right way, but it's my version of it haha!

So what I basically do:
-I put some chocolate sauce or cocoa powder on the bottom of my glass 
-After that I pour coffee on top of whatever's on the bottom of the glass.
-Then I heat up and froth my milk & pour it on top of the coffee (You don't necessarily need to froth your milk, but I just like how it stays on top of the coffee as you can see from the pics)
-I finish my drink usually with cinnamon and before I drink it, I just stir everything together!

+ BTW I would totally add whip cream instead of frothing my milk if we ever had some haha

So easy, fast and super yummy (even for you guys who don't like coffee that much!)

Please tell me if you're planning on trying it out! 

Happy fall time everyone<3

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