Fall feelings


Hello again! Hope you're all doing well. In case you didn't know, I'm currently on a one week fall holiday from school. My holiday has been full of (very much needed) relaxing but also a bit of driving school (yes, I'm 18 soon!) and I've also had some time to meet up with my friends. This outfit I wore actually that day when I had my first driving lesson! The lesson was.. Well, weird yet kinda exciting at the same time. I'm feeling so old already haha!

 Anyway, this jacket from Zara has been perfect for the fall time. It's so huge, cozy and warm! I paired it with my awesome fedora and my new favorite pair of shoes (been wearing these pretty much every day.. love them so much)! Underneath I wore my faux leather vest and this awesome print t-shirt from Galeano (check it out HERE). Oh, and the great think about Galeano is that with every purchased t-shirt they give food for one week to a person in extreme poverty! It's always awesome when fashion and charity go hand in hand..


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