Under the sun

Hello everyone. Finally I'm back from all my trips, and I can finally start blogging regularly again. Phew, it's been a very hectic month for me, and it doesn't stop there, because school is starting soon, and so are finals (I know it's not the official word for the huuuge final exams we're having, but oh well, let's just say I have to read a ton and that wont be nice at all...).
 Anyways, my both Italy and Sweden trips were absolutely amazing! I just love traveling so much; seeing new places and other cultures, meeting new people, having fun but at the same time relaxing.. It's the best. I'm going to start my travel posts from Italy and obviously end them to Sweden, so yeah, expect a few weeks full of travel posts and videos! 
 So, here's my travel/1st day outfit when we went to Italy. It was really warm and sunny but the leather jacket was definitely needed on the plane, because as you may know if you've ever been on a plane, it tends to get quite chilly there. These shorts were super comfy and definitely perfect for the occasion too. I paired the outfit with a simple top and some cute flats, and in the evening I slipped on a white dress (you can see that outfit on Instagram, link HERE)
Stay tuned for more posts soon, love you all!

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