A tattoo?

atattoo2Do you remember those temporary tattoos that pretty much everyone had as a kid? Those awesome designs that you would stick to your arm and immediately feel so much more cooler? Or at least, I felt that way. I sometimes used to stick several tattoos to my arm and pretend they were real, even though they weren't obviously, and probably stayed there for only a couple of weeks. I still loved them though, and were always so excited when I got them as a freebie from a magazine etc. That's why when I got the opportunity to design my own temporary tattoo, I was more than excited. Even though that pink unicorn I always dreamed of would've been cool, I decided to stick to something a bit more.. Well subtle, yet still something I really liked. Even though these one word wrist tattoos  have become extremely popular nowadays, I still though one would be cool. Obviously it's not a real tattoo, so I just designed something that would have some kind of meaning behind it, but not think it too much. My tattoo says "fearless" just because I wanted it to remind me not to be afraid of things. I'm usually that kind of person that I think a lot before I do anything, and that overthinking usually gets in the way of me doing some things really cool. So, this tattoo will remind me not to do so (even though it's there for only a short period of time, but still). Click this > link if you would like to design your own too, or maybe pick one from the existing ones!

So, what kind of tattoo would you want if you could choose?

PS. I'm leaving to Italy next week, so that means no posts for 10 days + after my Italy trip I will leave to Sweden shortly after that, so let's just say this month will be quite quiet here on my blog. But I promise the travel posts AND videos will be worth the wait. Still trying to get an outfit post up before I leave though, have an awesome day everyone!XXLINDA

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  1. Omg*-* very good tatto!!:) xx

  2. Looks like real tattoo. Nice!


  3. It looks so lovely! I got them two tattoos as well, but I still haven´t tried them out yet. Although I chose them to match with my real tattoo on my wrist (which is directed from wrist to elbow and it´s about 6cm) and I have written Naudin. Naeran. Näen and it means in english Enjoying. Laughing. Seeing (exploring)
    So I remember every day to do these things :)
    But soon I will try TTTattoos out also and you can check out my result from my blog ;)


    Ps. Enjoy Italy!! Which are you going to? I have been in so many places and I have lived in Toscany, it´s more than amazing! :)

    1. So cool! And thanks :) I'm going to Tuscany actually and a few other places! I've been there before too, and it surely is an amazing place!

  4. I just love it! Although it's temporary, it sends a great message and is a constant reminder to never fear anything.

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

  5. Love your nail polish! xx


    1. Thank you, it's Pink Friday by OPI :)