All time favorite make up products

Hi guys. Even though my blog is mainly a fashion blog, I sometimes want to share with you something other than fashion related posts. Today I wanted to show you my all time favorite make up products! Maybe you share some of the favorites with mine, or even find new things to try :) Hope you enjoy!

favourite makeup


-REAL TECHINQUES EXPERT FACE BRUSH: If you've ever stumbled across any beauty blogs or beauty videos on youtube, you've probably heard of these brushes. They were created by a british beauty vlogger actually, and they're definitely worth all the hype. I own two brushes from the collection, and this is my favorite one of them two.. Or actually, favorite from all of my brushes. I use it to apply bronzer,  but it works amazingly also with foundations and cc/bb-creams! It is so soft and gives you amazing results, definitely brush perfection.

-SIGMA E35 BRUSH: Another one of my favorites, is this eyeshadow brush from Sigma. Again, Sigma is another hyped about brand, and again, definitely worth all the hype. I use this brush on my every day basis, to apply eyeshadow to my crease. Like the previous brush, this one is extremely soft and blends the colors beautifully. If you're trying to find good brushes but with a reasonable price, I would definitely recommend Sigma.

-EYELASH CURLER: (I'll add the brand here if I find it somewhere, It's from my local supermarket though): I think anyone who doesn't have an eyelash curler in their make up collection, is really missing out. I couldn't imagine my make up routine without it, just because it makes my lashes appear two times longer, and my make up looking two times more fabulous hahaha. I think curled lashes make a huge difference, and that's why I love this eyelash curler to pieces.



- LUMENE CC-CREAM: I think I've talked about this product before, but if I haven't, let me just tell you that I'm in love. This bottle that you can see from the picture is probably my 4th or 5th bottle of this amazing CC-cream, and I will definitely keep purchasing more on more in the future. This CC-cream is amazing for many reasons: It is light weight, It dries semi-matte (no powder needed), it has an SPF20, it even covers my dark under eye circles (YAY, goodbye panda eyes), but it's still quite light coverage, and definitely not as heavy as a regular foundation. Just about everything I need from a base product!

-URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION: Again, a product that you might've heard of at least once.. Or a hundred times. I bought this primer a long time ago, and I've tried a few other ones after this, but in my opinion nothing can compare to this one. It is the only primer for my eyeshadows, that keeps them looking exactly the same as they did when I first applied them. It doesn't irritate my eyes (for example the Too Faced primer does) and all in all is just the perfect product for any regular eyeshadow user for sure.

-SLEEK FACE FORM, CONTOURING AND BLUSH PALETTE: Even though I'm not a fan of the blush in this palette, the bronzer and highlighter are my favorites from my make up collection. The bronzer is matte (for a natural finish) and the highlighter has the prettiest glow to it. They look so beautiful on, plus they come in one small palette (and that can only mean one thing...traveling friendly!).


-MAC TEMPTING EYESHADOW: This was the first eyeshadow I ever bough from MAC, and it is also my favorite one. It is my go to eyeshadow for every day, I just apply it to my crease (yup, nothing else, except primer underneath it of course), and it makes my eyes look super pretty. It also has the most beautiful glitter bits in it & it looks gorgeous all over your lid too.

-MAYBELLINE MASTER PRECISE EYELINER: So, making it short and sweet, here are the top 3 reasons why I love this product: Super easy to apply, it is really black, doesn't get all over the place during the day! Can we get 3 hurray's for this product?



-REVLON LIP BUTTERS: I love these, especially on the summer time. They're pigmented, easy to apply and they keep your lips moisturized for a long time. Also they have the prettiest colors, and a huuuge color range! Can't wait to get some more of these, just because I prefer these to regular lipsticks actually ( and all you lipstick addicts out there who might get offended .. sorry not sorry, hah)

-ELF LIQUID LIPSTICK IN NUDE PINK: Even though I adore those Revlon Lip Butters, I must say that this still is the pretties color of all the lip products I own. This color is pure perfection, and it compliments my skin tone so well. Also, this product is moisturizing and applies beautifully too.

So, that's it. What are your all time favorite make up products?

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  1. iteltäni löytyy tosi paljon samoja lemppareita, varsinkin UDPP on mulle must joka päivä! ja nuo Sleekit on kans pigmenttisiä ja halpoja, eli tykkään tosi paljon :)

    1. jep, harmi kun näitä ihania merkkejä ei saa Suomeen muualta kun netistä tai ulkomailta! :(

  2. Rakastan blogiasi :)

    Ensiksi aion kysyä ihan tähän postauksen aiheeseen liittyen: saako tuota Real techniques expert face brushia Suomesta jostain? Tai jotain vastaavaa? Tai hyvää ja luotettavaa nettikauppaa?

    Sitten ihan muihin asioihin.
    Millä kameralla kuvaat ja onko sinulla joku kuvaamassa, vai käytätkö jalustaa? Jos käytät jalustaa, osaatko suositella jotain?

    Rakastan tosiaan blogiasi ja etenkin tyyliäsi. <3

    P.S. Toivottavasti tämä kommentti ei tullut kahdesti, lähettämisessä jotain sählinkiä :)

    1. Olen ostanut omani Englannista, mutta varmasti monesta nettikaupasta saa helposti tilattua Suomeenkin :)
      Kuvaan Sony a37:lla ja objektiivina toimii Sigman 1.8/50mm. Mahd. halvasta päästä molemmat tuotteet, ja kyllä ihan suhteellisen hyviä kuvia saa! Ja äiti kuvaa oikeastaan kaikki asukuvat, itse kuvaan sitten muut!

      Kiitos paljon<3