Summer blues


Hi again! Hope you're doing well, and it has started to look like summer already wherever you're currently. I finally grabbed my leather skirt from the back of my closet and wore it for the first time. I've been waiting to wear it for ages, I got it when it was already freezing here in Finland, so right after the temperature appeared over 20 degrees celcius... Well, I put it on and headed out. Even though it's (faux) leather, it's such a thin material that it wasn't uncomfortable to wear even though it was extremely warm out. So, I guess it's a win-win situation with the skirt: cute and comfy!


A few more weeks and I'm on a holiday. On a very, very long awaited holiday. This summer I'm planning on doing a lot of things, just because I want to remember my summer as anything but boring. Obviously I want to relax and all, but for example making some more videos will be something I'm really excited about. I'm not a master with computers or anything, but I really want to learn to edit some really cool lookbooks for you guys. Only if I can get some of my friends to help me with them... (If any of my friends are reading this... Any volunteers?). Also me and my friend have this bucket list (kinda) for this year, and I really want to start accomplishing some things on it.. We currently haven't checked out any of the things on it, so I'm guessing summer will be the perfect time to start checking some things off the list one by one. And one of my favourite things that I'm able to do again this summer, is traveling! So that'll be more than exciting. Can't wait to do a ton of travel posts (even videos) for you again!  Do you have any cool plans for this summer?


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  1. Aivan järjettömän ihana asu! :-)

  2. super!:)) x

  3. Love the look, everything looks so cute and well put together :)
    great picture <3

    check out my latest outfit and let me know what you think :)


  4. Ihana asu, varsinkin kengät !!


  5. Stunning! xx


  6. Anonyymi5/29/2014

    AIvan ihastuttava asu!! Rakastan blogiasi ja kaikkia vaatteita <3 Tekee mieli mennä sun vaatekaappiin ja varastaa sieltä kaikki :P Mitä valokuvan muokkausohjelmaa muuten käytät, kun saat aina siirrettyä kuvat niin hyvä laatusina blogin tänne puolelle? :)

    1. hahah voi kiitos, mutta ois kiva jos et kävis, koska mitäs mä sitten laittaisin päälle :o käytän picmonkeyta :)