April favourites

Hi guys, I'm finally back! I'm really happy that you understood the fact that I needed to get some time off, but now I'm here again, with my April favourites.

DSC069131. Printed clothes: If you've followed my blog for a while, you might know my love for anything printed. This month I've bought a ton of new clothes, and almost all of them have had some kind of print on them. I just feel like prints spice up even the most simple outfits and look really really cute on their own, or mixed with other cute prints.

2. Small gold dainty necklaces: Even though I still love big statement necklaces.. a lot.. I've been wearing a ton of small dainty necklaces lately  (stacking them together, or on their own) . They just go with everything and look really cute with any outfit, especially v-neck shirts. I need more of them though, because I only have a few! On my wish list is a one with my name on it haha :)

3. Heavenly in Paradise body mist: This body mist from Victoria's Secret reminds me of last summer. I bought it from my language course and wore it there a ton. Every time I wear it, it brings back so many memories. And now especially when summer is right around the corner, I think it's the perfect time to start wearing it again!

4. MAC Well Dressed- blush: This is my every day, and favourite, blush in the moment. You can just quickly put it on without worrying about if you're putting too much of it, because the color is so light (and pretty!). It goes with every makeup look and goes really well with at least my skin tone. The little glittery bits on it make it even prettier too. Perfect blush in my opinion, I really recommend it to anyone!

5. ELF brown palette: My previous brow color broke, so I had to get a new one. I looove watching youtube videos, and I've heard many people talk about this brow palette. I decided why not, bought it, and I'm loving it! It has a gel and a powder in it, both of them are great, go perfectly with my hair color and look natural. What more could you ask for?

6. Sunglasses: I bought these sunglasses a few weeks back, and because the sun has been shining quite a lot here, I've been able to wear them a lot too (yay!). I think they look really good on me (few sunglasses do, I blame my face shape hahaha), and also the leopard-y print on them makes them a bit more interesting. Also they were wallet friendly (aka super cheap) so yay for that too! Lots of yay's for these sunglasses.

7. Fashion magazines: I had this time period where I read a ton of blogs and very few fashion magazines. Now it's the other way around, and I've been reading a ton of fashion magazines the past weeks (and yes, because I didn't read them for such a long time, I'm reading fashion magazines from last September now hahahha). One of my favourites was this Company magazine on the picture. SO good!

8. Soundcloud: This has to be my app favourite for the month. I discovered the amazing world of soundcloud this month, and I've been loving the indie playlists there (indie music is my new fav, makes me feel so good for some reason). I love the fact that you can find a ton of remixes there too, that you wouldn't find on Spotify etc. So megayay for soundcloud!

9. Youtuber favourites: Claire Marshall, Clothesencounters and IAMKARENO: Only one thing.. Watch their videos yourself and fall in love. Because of them I'll probably start my own youtube channel this summer too, with a ton of lookbooks and other videos like that :) I just love their styles so much (so relaxed, laid-back and interesting), and their editing skills are pure perfection. Also their personalities make me want to be their best friend!
Their channels: IAMKARENO , Claire Marshall , clothesencounters

So tell me, what are your April favorites on the comments below (fashion, music, youtubers, make-up...anything!)

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  1. Oooh innolla jo ootan sun videoita, tulee varmasti olemaan ihan mahtavia! :)

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  3. nice post! Love your blog

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  4. Victoria's Secret has some nice body mists and lotions!


  5. Love your sunnies *_*

    Francesca http://everydaycoffee23.blogspot.it

  6. Wow, cool blog! Great style.
    If you are interested to follow each other, let me know :)
    Really love your Blog.


  7. Great post!
    love your blog :)