Sick days

Hi again! Hope you guys are doing a bit better than I am, haha. I'm currently sick, or actually have been the past 5 days or so, so you may guess I don't feel that great! Thankfully I'm getting better now.. Maybe the amounts of tea I've been drinking and the several hours I've stayed in my bed, watching netflix (re-watched the September issue by the way, gosh I want to work at Vogue too!), reading fashion magazines & of course sleeping a lot, have been helping. Hopefully I'm able to go to school tomorrow and show all my friends my new hair look!


Also I told you about the competition I was attending to a few posts back. Didn't get through to the next round, and was kind of bummed about it first, but then actually after that I heard some other good news and it didn't bother me that much anymore :) The price was amazing in the competition though, I could've been able to style a fashion story for a Finnish fashion magazine! But now looking back, I'm only 17; my style will definitely grow, I will become more creative and more talented just when the time goes by, everything happens for a reason and I just have to remember that. And also, the route to my dreams isn't going to be straight, I will have disappointments and failures, and they all are going to teach me something. So for me, it's better this way actually. Now I just want to work harder for my dream and push my boundiries! And there's a little tip for you too, my lovely readers: Never confuse a single failure with a final defeat and failure is only an opportunity to begin again, but this time wiser. So if you have a dream, don't give up :) Just a little encouragement for you today, hope you have an AMAZING day <3

++ Read this awesome article a few days back too about success: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sura-flow/4-obstacles-to-fulfilling_b_4965119.html

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  1. Oh dear. I hope you will feel better soon.


  2. Anonyymi4/02/2014

    Ois kiva nähä kuvia siitä asusta jonka esittelit kisassa ja muutenki lukee siitä millane toi koko tapahtuma oli!:) Itekki oisin halunnu osallistua, mut sit ei rohkeus riittäny... Nii muista, että on jo sinänsä hienoo, että osallistuit ja niiku itekki kirjotit niin älä luovuta sun unelmien suhteen:)