Q&A part 3

Hey again! Here's my last questions and answers posts, hope you like it! Oh, and just FIY, I have a ton of reading to do for this huge test coming up, so next post is probably going to be at the end of next week. I haven't been posting that much because of that, but hopefully after the test is over I can start posting 2-3 times a week again :) Have a great day everyone.

// Moikka! Viimeinen vastauspostaus olisi sitten tässä, toivottavasti tykkäätte! Ja muuten, minulla on nyt ensi viikolla terveystiedon kirjoitukset joten seuraava postaus tulee varmaan vasta ensi viikon lopulla (muutenkin postaukset ovat jääneet vähän vähemmälle nyt lukemisen takia). Toivottavasti jaksatte odottaa, nimittäin kirjoitusten jälkeen normaali 2-3 postausta/vko tahti jatkuu taas. Hyvät viikonloput teille! :)


3 things you would bring into a deserted island?
-Well if I knew I wasn't going to stay there long, I would probably bring my friends, music and something to eat/drink, but otherwise a big boat and someone who would know how to get out of there hahaha

Summer or winter?
-Summer, for sure. I don't really enjoy the cold weather that much, and I also looove wearing shorts/skirts/dresses/rompers etc.

Favourite apps?
-Tumblr, Weheartit, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Bloglovin, imdb, Netflix, Lookbook, Style.com and Gmail haha!

Do you eat healthy?
-I would say mostly yes. To be honest I looove eating foods like pizza, chips etc, but I also love salads and other healthy foods like that. So yeah, I do eat healthy, but I also like to treat myself once in a while!

Do you like coffee?
-No! I like mocha though, but I don't know if that's considered as a coffee.

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How long does it take for you to get ready in the mornings?
- Depends where I am going, but if we're talking about school mornings.. Probably 10-25 minutes (makeup+hair+breakfast+outfit) I eat while doing my makeup and I always pick my outfits the previous evening, so that saves me a lot of time.

What kind of person you consider beautiful?
-I'm all about the inside beauty. Personality is the main thing I appreciate in people. You could be the most gorgeous person in the world, but if you are mean to others and thing you're so much better than them, I wouldn't consider you that beautiful. I love nice people, and if someones is really kind and sweet, it makes them so beautiful in my eyes. Also if a person is confident it makes them beautiful too. Outside beauty doesn't really matter to me, although I appreciate people who take care of themselves.

If you could go back in time, would you?
-Probably not. I could go back and maybe fix something I've done, but if I would do that, I maybe wouldn't be this person that I am or things wouldn't be the way they are now. Although it would be awesome to re-live some amazing days or be a little more confident in some situations.

What would your dream life be?
-My dream life.. Well I would have a job in the fashion industry , that I love, I would have amazing friends and maybe even my own little family and all in all I would be happy with my life. OH, and that I would be able to travel a lot! ++ I would live abroad

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Would you like to have any tattoos?
-Maybe something small and meaningful would be nice :)

What is on your shopping wish list now?
- Definitely a long jacket for spring! I've seen some really nice ones at H&M already.

And that's it!  Hope you enjoyed this last part of the Q&A's :)

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  1. Olipa kiva lukea näitä sun vastauksia! Ja hei hurjan paljon tsemmpiä kirjoituksiin!! :)

  2. I totally agree with you Linda in most things, especially summeeeeeer ♥

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