February favorites

Hello! I can't believe February went by so fast... It was probably because I was stressing about my prom the first few weeks, and now I'm stressing about this huge test that is coming up in a week or so, yikes. Anyway, I decided to do one of these monthly favorites posts again. I've been loving a few things this past month, a lot, and I decided to show them to you guys! So here they are:

//Moi taas! Jännä miten helmikuukin meni ohi noin nopeasti.. Ehkä se johtui vaan siitä että alkukuukauden stressasin vanhoista ja nyt loppukuukauden olen stressanut tulevista terveystiedon kirjoituksista! Pelottaa jo vähän miten ne menee, mutta kyllähän tässä vielä reilu viikko on niihin ja onneksi on loma niin on vähän enemmän aikaa lukea. Mutta tosiaan, päätin taas näyttää teille pari viime kuukauden suosikkiasiaa taas vaihteeksi, joten toivottavasti tykkäätte:


1. Lauren Conrad Style-book: In one word, this books is AWESOME. Lauren gives some awesome little tips for shopping, wearing different outfits, finding the perfect jeans etc, that are actually really really helpful. I just love her and I can't wait to read her Beauty-book too!

2. Marc Jacobs watch: I showed you guys this watch a few posts back, and I've been wearing it a ton ever since I got it. I love gold jewelry, and black goes with everything, soooo it pretty much is the perfect watch. I've also gotten a lot of compliments from it too!

3. Big grey scarf from Cubus: This scarf I literally wear every day with my winter coat(s). It's huge, warm and just perfect for the colder months. I'll probably buy scarfs like this more soon. I just need it in every single color and every single print, thank you!


4. Floral top from Gina Tricot: I love all kinds of printed clothes, but unfortunately I don't own that much of them. Ever since I found this top from the sales, I've been feeding my print addiction by wearing it.. A lot.. With everything.. So yeah, I love it and that's all I can say hahah.

5. Statement necklace from Accessorize: I got this beautiful statement necklace last summer when I was visiting Brighton. I'd been looking for a necklace like this for ages, and thankfully I found one with a reasonable price. I actually didn't wear it THAT much until February, when I kinda fell in love with it all over again. It just makes every outfit look a little bit more classier and chic. It's just pure perfection.

6. Tumblr: Can I just say, if you don't have a tumblr account, you're missing out. I used to looove weheartit, but now I've been kinda obsessed with tumblr..Like a lot. I get so much inspiration from the page and I just can't get enough! Oh, and if you want to follow me there, my tumblr account is: http://mystylestatement.tumblr.com


11 kommenttia:

  1. Anonyymi3/02/2014

    ootko siis kakkosella ku mul oli semmonen mielikuva et oisit menny vast lukion ekalle :D vai meneeks aika vaan niin äkkiä hahhah =)

    1. joo kyllä oon lukion tokalla nyt :)

  2. I have the book of Lauren too, and indeed. Its a great book!


  3. Tää oli tosi kiva postaus! Tee ens kuussakin tällanen! :-)

  4. Ihana postaus, tällasia lisää! :) Ja oon muuten just samaa mieltä tosta Lauren Conradin kirjasta- se on aivan mahtava! Mä rakastan selailla sitä, saa heti inspiraatiota :) Toi Cubuksen huivi löytyy kans mun kaapista ja se on munkin suuri lemppari! :)


  5. ihana postaus! Vaikka kuin hyvä idea tälläinen. :) Ja oot tosi persoonallisen kaunis, terveisin kateellinen!:)


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