Q&A part 2

Hey guys! Once again I'm answering some of the questions you sent me! There's probably going to be a third part too, because I received quite a lot of questions. Hope you enjoy!
 Also, I apologize about the fact, that I haven't posted any outfit pictures lately. My life is quite hectic now, but I'll promise there will be something quite special coming up this week (My prom! So lots of pictures from there coming up) so stay tuned for that. But now on to the questions:

//Taas kysymyksiin vastailua! Toivottavasti tykkäätte :) + Pahoittelen ettei asupostausta ole tullut pitkään aikaan, on ollut sen verran kiireitä ettei kuvia oikein ole kerennyt napsia, mutta tällä viikolla tulossa vähän erikoisempaa asupostausta, nimittäin vanhojen tansseista! Joten käykäähän kurkkaamassa blogin puolelle taas ensi viikon lopussa niin näätte kivoja kuvia sieltä. Mutta nyt niitten kysymysten pariin:

Where do you get your inspiration to your outfits?

-Usually I get my inspiration from other bloggers, fashion instagrammers and the internet all in all (from websites like weheartit and tumblr also). But from fashion magazines and books too, tv shows, and when I go to bigger cities, from the streets also.


Who is your style icon?

-I don't really think I have one.. But some people who's style I love (they're not particularly my style icons.. but oh well) are for example Olivia Palermo and Miranda Kerr (+ many other models too, I don't know why, but models can usually dress really well!)

How would you describe your style?

-Well it usually depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to wear something a little bit more edgy, sometimes something really girly etc. But there's always (or at least most of the time) that little "chic" touch to all of my outfits.

How did you find your own style?

-By experimenting.. A lot. When I look back at some old pictures of me and my outfits I'm just like "Did I really wear THAT?!", but by trying on different things and looks and with trying to dress differently than what was "on trend" amongst other teens, I've became closer and closer on finding my own personal style. But may I add, that I still don't believe that I have in my opinion the perfect style I'd like to have. It's probably because I'm still a little afraid to put on/buy all the things I would want to. I definitely know what I like (and by that I mean I know what my style is), but it's a different thing if I'm brave enough to wear all the craziest clothes I love. But hopefully I'm able to move past my "fear" soon & my style becomes a little more interesting for the fashion blogging world too.

Where do you usually buy your clothes?

-H&M, Gina Tricot, Bik Bok, Zara and from abroad.

Your three favorite stores?

-I can't choose my top three, but definitely my favorite one is Zara!

Do you order clothes online a lot?

-No. But I think when I turn 18 and I can do the online shopping by myself (without my parents having to pay), I'll probably do it more often!

What do you wear when you're having an outfit crisis/ your go-to outfit?

-I usually wear the blazer+skinny jeans combo, with an interesting top or a statement necklace.
Who takes your outfit pictures?

- My mom, always. I'm quite demanding when it comes to my outfit pictures and I've trained my mom to take the perfect ones (haha don't judge,  but I'm a bit of a perfectionist), so she's probably the only one right now, I trust when it comes to taking my outfit pictures. And because I only have 1 person to take the pictures, it makes it really hard to make outfit posts that often (because the time has to be right for me, but also my mom). Maybe I have to start "training" my friends too so I can make more outfit posts hahaha.

BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 941
What camera do you use?

-Sony a37 (lens: 50mm 1.7)

Your favorite blogs at the moment?

-At the moment.. Probably Song of Style, Kenzas, Neon Blush, Lisa Olsson and Ring my bell.

What type of blogs do you usually read?

-Mainly fashion blogs (but also lifestyle blogs, with lots of outfit pictures).

Any advice for someone who would want to start their own blog, but is afraid to fail?

- Just go for it! I think the biggest failure is not even trying. If you really want to do something, you should just go for it. You'll learn along the way and if you fail (if that's even possible, there really isn't any rules for blogging), at least you can learn from your mistakes and become better! Also a few other tips: 1. Don't listen to the haters, you can't please everyone 2. The followers won't come overnight, so be patient 3. Also you won't be the most amazing blogger overnight, it takes time! 4. Focus on the quality rather than the quantity 5. Be yourself, take inspiration from others, but never try to be them. Hope those helped :)

What do you think about your own blog?

- I actually quite like my blog.. I mean I would read it if I was someone else haha. But I would also loooove that I could blog a lot more (especially make more outfit posts). I feel like I'm such a bad blogger if I only post once (or sometimes even twice) a week :( I blame school for everything.. And the lack of sunlight!


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  1. You have a really nice blog :)
    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!


  2. How great that your mom makes the photograhs. She really knows how to make pictures.


  3. Your mom takes awesome pictures! I have a question - how do you afford your style? It all looks so neat and professional and in the US that could get quite expensive. I was wondering if your parents contribute to your clothes or you pay for them yourselves?

    1. Actually I buy most of my clothes from stores like H&M etc, and I always try to find things on sales and everything. I'm a student without a job, so my budget isn't the biggest. I just always buy things that look expensive but really are not haha :)