Hey everyone. Now my exam week is finally over and I can get back to my normal posting schedule. I asked here on my blog + on my social medias if you wanted to know anything about me, and here I'm answering some of the questions you sent me! (Including some awesome pics from my language course last year, that was definitely my highlight go 2013)

// Moikka! Tässä ois nyt näitä vastauksia niihin kysymyksiin joita laitoitte mulle. Toivottavasti ymmärrätte kaiken, koska niin kysymykset että vastaukset olen englanniksi kääntänyt! (Kaikki kuvat jotka esiintyy postauksessa on otettu mun viime vuoden kielimatkareissulta, joka oli ehdottomasti vuoden 2013 kohokohtani!)
personalWhat's your height?

- I think I'm about 165-167 cm

Where do you study?

-I'm currently on my second year of high school (2/3 years)

What are you planning on after high school?

-I would love to move to England and go to a fashion school there ( & probably study styling).

What's your dream job?

-As you may guess from the previous question, I would love to work in the fashion industry. I would also love to be a stylist or at least something like that. But definitely a job somewhere in the fashion industry would be a dream!

BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 531

Your dream job as a child?

-When I was a kid I wanted to be a lot of things.. But probably the top three were a ballerina, an ice skater or a cook. But from quite a young age too (I think I was about 11-12) I've known that I want to work in the fashion industry.

What are/have been your hobbies?

-Well, there's quite a lot. I've done gymnastics, ballet, hip hop dance, theater, tennis, cheerleading aaand, I think that's it! Currently I only go to the gym, but if I could, I probably would start cheerleading again.

Countries you've visited?

- I've visited (some of them more than once) Italy, France, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, England, Spain and Cyprus.

Countries you would like to visit?

-Definitely Australia and USA, but also... Well pretty much every single country in the world haha! I love traveling, and I want to visit as many places I can in the future.

BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1302
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 548

Favorite thing about your looks?

-Right now, I would probably say my smile, because I just got my braces off. I also like my lips haha :) No botox needed.

If you could chance something about your appearance, what would it be and why?

- If I would chance something, it probably would be something very very tiny. I like myself like this mostly :)

What are you afraid of?

-Thunder, fireworks (if they're really close) aaand bugs that keep chasing me hahahah. I'm also afraid of heights a bit (for example I don't like rock climbing etc, but tall buildings and balconies and stuff like that are okay).

What kind of music do you listen to?

-It varies A LOT. I think it usually depends on the artist, not genre. I also love music with a good beat in it, something that makes you want to dance (I looove dancing, and oh yes, I always have those little dance parties in my room) My favorite artist currently is Macklemore (and Ryan Lewis). The Heist album and his lyrics are just pure perfection.

Favorite drink from Starbucks?

-I've only tried a few, because in my city (or anywhere near here) we don't have a Starbucks. But probably triple caramel frappuccino, yum!

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Favorite animal?

-Don't laugh, but I like monkeys and pigs.. And llamas.. And dogs of course. Those have to be my top 4 haha.

Favorite TV-show?

-I knew I would get this question hahaha... Something you should know about me is that I looove watching TV-shows, but I have these weird time periods where I love to watch one show, then I watch a season or two and then either get back to an old show I'm watching or start a new one. But my favorite shows that I've watched the past.. 6 months let's say, would be Greek, Dexter, The Vampire Diaries, Snooki & Jwoww (oh yeah, and Jersey Shore too, but I've watched like all the episodes), One Tree Hill, Awkward, Criminal Minds,  NCIS (and all criminal shows like that) & Pretty Little Liars. There's probably more, but I can't think of any right now.

Have you ever dyed your hair?

- Nope!

What is your biggest dream?

-Right now, it would be getting into my dream school and move to England. And of course, travel as much as I can and all in all enjoy my life to the fullest.

Do you have a best friend?

-Yes! (If she's reading this.. Well hello there, you know who you are). I also have a few really really really good friends, that I would pretty much consider as my best friends too!

BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 251
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1101
AND THAT'S IT FOR NOW! Part two (and maybe even three) are coming somewhere near in the future, you can still ask me more questions below if you'd like. Have a great day everyone.


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  1. I feel like we're very similar after reading this; I would answer the same thing at some questions haha
    And I'm so happy for knowing you already came to Portugal! Hope you enjoyed it :-)


    1. I loved Portugal, such a beautiful country! Wish I could go back immediately haha :)

  2. Lovely article. Thanks for answering some of my questions. <3


  3. Really nice pictures! Love your blog :)!!!

    If you want we could follow each other and stay in touch? :)

  4. Anonyymi2/03/2014

    pystyisiks kertomaan miten sait nuo viivat tonne sivupalkkiin?(:

    1. Mulle on tehty tää ulkoasu valmiiksi, joten olen pahoillani mutten voi :(

  5. cool post, I ant to do everything too


  6. Englanti ois mullekin ihan unelma maa! Oon itse tällä hetkellä kaupallisella alalla, mutta muotiala kiehtois. Toisaalta ainahan sitä voi puikkelehtia alalta toiselle! :) Tosi kauniisti toteutettu postaus.