About my blog layout!

Hey again! Some of you were asking about my blog's new layout (which I'm in love with btw) and I decided to a whole post dedicated to it and explain everything!

So, I've been struggling with my blog and its layout for pretty much my whole blogging "career". I suck with computers, so I was so lost with what I had to do for my layout to make it look really nice, because for me, the one I had previously didn't look that great at all. That's why I was so happy that I found this girl, Samantha, who was willing to help me with my blog layout, or not just help, she pretty much did everything just like I wanted! I told her what I liked, showed her some pictures etc, and she did it! AND if I didn't really like something, she was also willing to change it, in no time. It was such an amazing opportunity to work with her, she is only my age (17) but so good with what she does. 

Another meaning of this post, is to inform you about the fact, that you can do the same. If you are struggling with your blog layout, just like I was, I would definitely recommend you contacting her. So, what she does for example is the thing she did for me (which is pretty much everything, considering my layout) + also cheaper options like blog templates (what she told me about them : 
"My templates are available in simple (non removable credits and non customizable) and premium (removable credits and customizable) versions. So like the template of the month is: simple version $10.99 and premium version $20.99.The rest cost $20.99 for simple versions and $30.99 for premium versions") Prices in euros= 8€-29€. 

You can see everything she offers from her website :www.seventeenroses.com www.samanthazinnsaenz.com. I really recommend the blog templates if you're on a budget, but you still want a beautiful layout! She currently has 5 templates, but they're all really clean and classy, perfect for any blog! She also does little things like banners (for blogs, and facebook) , so if you're even struggling with little things like that, she can help!

Here's a picture of the templates (4/5 of them) :

Also, even though this post might sound a little commercial-ish, it's not! People were asking, so I answered, and also I really think she is really talented and I want people to know about her! I, myself, am also a passionate young girl that wants to do big things in my future dream career, so what I'm doing is helping her out, just like I would like someone to do for me. She has helped me A LOT, so I'm doing the same for her, hopefully :) 

Anyway, if you have any more questions, you can obviously contact her (email on the website) , or I can also answer the questions below if I can. Have a great day everyone ! More posts coming after Christmas! So enjoy Christmas , and have a wonderful time with your loved ones <3 (if you celebrate Christmas) xx

//*ei suomennosta tänään, kysykää jos ette ymmärtäneet jotain kohtaa*

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  1. Looks very nice!


  2. I'm gonna see her blog! I'm in love w/ your layout, it's perfect :D


    1. awesome! I'm sure she'll appreciate it x

  3. LOVE the layout! I'm going to check her layouts out, maybe even find one to better suit my blog. Great post! Xo

    Lace and Lipstick Style

  4. Hey hey love the layout :)
    Your blog is getting more interesting each day, I've already followed you so I don't miss any of your posts :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love
    With love, Bárbara

  5. Wow, a 17 year old girl did this? How amazing!
    Your blog layout is very nice indeed, it is very clean, I love clean lay-outs (hate those overwhelming ones with too much colors & adds & other annoying stuff)
    I will def check out her site 'cause I want another lay-out as well, you're not the only one who sucks at this haha :D
    Lots of love! xx Lyn

    1. yes, she is damn talented! glad you like it :)

  6. Love your layout. Looks great. :)
    I like minimalistic layout too.
    I saw her website, loved her designs.
    Glitter And Blush
    Glitter And Blush|Facebook Page

  7. it looks gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo

  8. The layout really looks nice! Its simple yet elegant design makes it quite interesting. It looks very neat; which is good because in some websites, the buttons sometimes get too crowded when you put it too much content all at once.

    Masako Gun