A little update: our computer IS broken and it would be really expensive to fix, SO, until we get a new computer I won't be able to do any posts! But good news: when we'll get the computer, I'm changing my whole blog layout/appareance (to better of course, I can't wait to show you, I've been working with this really sweet girl and I already know it'll be amazing!) . And I'll also do my Brighton haul and maybe I'll start doing some more videos to youtube because I won't be stressing with the computers editing program(s) anymore! And maybe even more posts weekly, so that will be exciting :)

Also a huge thank you for over 300 followers! You're amazing <3

x Linda

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  1. Oi sul on kivan erilainen blogi ku kirjotat englanniks! + sul on ihana tyyli :) liityin!


  2. Anonyymi11/17/2013

    Ei liity tähän postauksee millää lailla mut mitä lukioo käyt kuopiossa?

    1. en valitettavasti semmosia tietoja täällä blogin puolella kertoile :)

  3. Girl your blog is gorgeous just as you !

    We've just post our first video on Youtube about our Q&A friend ship , if you'd like to see it come to our blog , we really hope you'll like it !

    Hope to see you soon on it

    Feel free also to follow us on GFC!

    Emily from Pretty TinyThings