Hi again! Finally our computer is working properly again and I'm able to do a new post! I decided to do one of these non-outfit posts again, just because I don't unfortunately have any outfits for you (I've had such a busy week with school and everything so I haven't had the time for it, sorry!) but I still wanted to post something! Also some of you guys have asked me about the haul video (from the things I got from Brighton) that I said I would make and yes, I will make it as promised, but it might take a long time. Just because I had a lot of problems with my previous video, I'm trying to find a easier way to upload the next one and also there's some other things I want to do/happen before I make the video. So yes, I am making it but it might take a while, I'm so sorry!

But anyway, here are my favourites:

1. The Body Shop body butter (Mango)- First thing I love about it is the scent! It smells so goood, and other than that it also is really moisturizing! I love how thick the consistency is and I also love the packaging ( I'm a sucker for cute packagings haha!). When this one runs out, I'm definitely going to re-purchase it right away. I might pick a different scent though, because there were so many of them! I want to try them all!

2. Soap & Glory Hand Food lotion- This hand lotion is seriously amazing. Again, I really love the packaging and the scent, but it also is a really good hand lotion! I've heard great reviews from it before, and I finally got my hands on it (hahaha..hands..get it?!) while I was in Brighton. It was only like 2£ or something, so it definitely was a good buy. It's cheap and great quality, so I'm definitely going to re-purchase it again even though I would have to get it online.


3. Barry M nail polish in Pink Flamingo- Prettiest. Pink. Ever! I really love Barry M nail polishes (again) because of the fact that they are really cheap yet really good quality! This pink color in my opinion is pure perfection and I've already been wearing it a ton! And even though I usually change my nail polishes according to the season (pastels and usually pinks in summer/spring and darker colors in fall/winter) I still believe that I'll be wearing this a lot in the winter time too!

4. Lumene CC-cream- I've sworn by the Garnier BB-cream for the past year, but now I know this CC-cream is ten times better! It is the perfect color for me, it isn't thick and it doesn't clog your pores, but it still covers enough to make your skin look perfect and it also is really easy to apply! Also it doesn't dry up your skin which is definitely a must in the fall/winter time! Pure perfection in my opinion.

5. Hollister Body Mist in Seacliff Beach- To speak the truth, I'm not the biggest fan of Hollister. I just don't really like their clothes that much or anything and I just think they're all in all quite overpriced. BUT, I still went there when I was in Brighton because I wanted to get a scent for my sister. And to my surprise, I fell in love with this scent. I've never actually tried their scents out before, but I must say they really are good! This scent is just amazing, but unfortunately I can't describe it myself because I suck at describing scents! But their website said that it has nectarine, water lotus and vanilla in it! I've been wearing it almost every day since I got it, although it's a quite summer-ish scent in my opinion. Oh well, it just smells soooo good!

6. Revlon Lip Just Bittable Lip Stain in 01 Honey- I got this lip stain from a competiton I won, and I actually didn't really like it first and I didn't wear it at all for the first few months. But then I just decided that I should try it out again because it was just laying in my makeup drawer and I of course want to use everything I have there. And to my surprise I fell in love. I don't know why I didn't like it at first, because it is one of those your lips but better colors that are perfect for every day use. And that's pretty much what I've been doing since then, I've worn it almost every day. Although the color doesn't last that long on your lips, it is just so moisturizing and so amazing, I can't help but to put in it my favourites.


7. Urban Decay Naked 2 palette- If you've watched any youtube videos that are makeup related or read any makeup blogs, you probably know that many people have this palette. I wanted it for a long time, since I saw so many people using it on youtube makeup tutorials, and I just though it would be the perfect every day palette, and it sure is! I already wanted the first Naked palette, but we unfortunately don't have UD here in Finland (and the shipping from other countries is usually quite expensive) so I didn't get it. But lucky me, I again got this palette from this competition I won and I couldn't be happier! This palette is perfect for every day use, like I said,  but you can also use it for your night time looks and many others. It has the perfect range of neutral colors, and I've been pretty much using it every day (or at least one color from it) since I got. The pigmentation of the shadows is amazing, and they are really easy to apply. I also love taking this with me whenever I travel somewhere, because it is so convenient for that.

8. Gold rings- I've been wearing rings a lot in the month of September. I used to wear a lot of bracelets (armcandy whoop whoop) and statement necklaces, but now, I've just been loving staking different rings together! I just think that they are the perfect touch for any outfit, and you can't never have too much of them haha! And also, the rings obviously have to be gold because I rarely use silver jewelry :) My favorites have to be the knuckle rings from H&M because I just love the way they look.

9. My print scarf- I don't know where this scarf is from, but I just found it from our drawer one day. I took it, and I've been wearing it a ton! It is quite long, and really warm, so it is perfect for the fall time. It probably isn't a winter scarf though, because it isn't THAT thick, but I still loved wearing it in the month of Septmeber. Its black/grey so it goes with many different outfits, and the pattern on it is also really pretty!

10. White blouse from H&M- Okay, so if you've been paying any attention to my previous posts, you've probably noticed me wearing this blouse a lot! It just looks good with everything, and I can't help but to wear it all the time. It was actually really affordable, but it still looks quite expensive and the material is really nice on it too. And that's what I usually look for, in clothes (or at least nowadays I do). I actually thing everyone should have a simple blouse like this in their closet because at least for me, it has saved many clothing crisis- days.

HOPE YOU LIKED MY FAVOURITES, which ones are yours?

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  1. That Hollister body mist sounds lovely x

    Silver Electrons

  2. Naked palette is such a great one.


  3. I definitely need to invest in a naked palette!



  4. Anonyymi10/08/2013

    i would love to have the naked palette ❤❤❤

  5. love the naked 2 palette! want to follow each other? xo


  6. great naked pelette ;)


  7. I love your good ring and urban decay ones (: such a lovely post! x


  8. you've got so beautiful favorites! i am also a big fan of the naked palette!

    check out my blog, i just started a versace giveaway! :)


  9. Great post, you have a lovely blog! I love the Naked palette :)

    Kirsten x


  10. For sure knuckle rings are my favorite for this month!!! XO


  11. Great finds! Urban Decay is a go to of mine as well.
    xx, M

    The Marcy Stop

  12. love all of that stuff!