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So, today's outfit looked something like this. Also a little disclaimer out there: I really would want to post more, but either me or my mom don't have time to take outfit pictures as much as I would want to! I really would like to be one of those bloggers who post almost daily, but I just can't find time for that. Sucks.. Would you guys like if I would just do more "random" posts during the week, every now and then updating what I've been up to and maybe do collages more about the things I've really liked, or from the outfits I've created etc? Tell me in the comments and your wish will be my command haha! You can leave me actually any post requests if you have something particular in mind.
Anyway if I would start talking about something else first than my outfit today. Well, the things I've been obsessing the past few weeks..You guessed it, fashion week of course! Because I unfortunately couldn't be in New York or London, and can't go to Milan or Paris right now, I've been pretty much spending a lot of time at style.com and I actually think I've told you guys that already haha. I'm probably going to do a post of my favourite shows from the fashion weeks once they've finished, but let's just say I've enjoyed the shows A LOT. I've been screenshotting my fav outfits from the collections to my phone, and now my phone is filled with the photos! But a fashion addict has to do what she has to do right? OH, and I finally got my hands on the September Vogue! Have you read it yet?
Also something else I've been up to is shockingly.. school. Our test week has started but I'm not even stressed as I usually would be. I don't reallyt have any "real" test, so I'm pretty much just chilling the whole week. The bad thing is that I won't be at the city center when my mom gets back from work, and that's the place where is the best to take outfit picture. Typical me, always thinking about my blog haha. Another thing that is going to suck is the fact that it's getting colder in Finland.. fast! And that means it's getting darker here sooner and sooner. So, again that's a big problem if we're thinking about my blog. But, there's always weekends, so that's a life saver! And on the other hand, maybe I have time to work more on my blog appearance at the dark fall evenings.
But if I would tell you something about today's outfit. I got this maxi cardigan last weekend and I'm loving it! It's so huge and warm, that it definitely is perfect for fall. It's very simple, but because it's really long, it's pretty much a casual cardigan with a twist, which I love! Also another thing I've been loving is my statement belt that I got a while back from Gina Tricot for like 3 euros or something. It's perfect with any casual outfit, and I've been wearing it A LOT lately, just like the white blouse I've been wearing in the last 3 outfit posts of mine, whoopsie.

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  1. lovely oufit <3 i think you post frequently, so i think only if you don't have time at all to take an outfit pics do those posts. i already do it for 3 weeks (!) because i don't have a photographer.. (she is in America) :(

  2. Sulla on ihana blogi ja tyyli! Tosi kivoja ja hyvälaatuisia kuvia ja oot vielä tosi kauniskin. :)


  3. waau upee asu ja blogi! :) sulla on kyllä tyyli kohdillaan :)


  4. Ihan mahtava asu! Paras asu sun koko blogissa on tämä! Mieletön :)

  5. Gorgeous outfit dear.


  6. oi vitsi ihana asu!:)

  7. Sun blogista on kyllä tullu aivan mielettömän nopeasti yks mun ehdottomista lemppareista!:)

  8. I would love to see more 'random' posts on your blog. Your outfits are gorgeous,but for my taste there are missing the 'lifestyle' posts...


  9. Kiva asu, aaw toi neule on söpö:3 Sun blogissa on upeita kuvia, ja ihania asuja!:)

  10. Aivan ihana asu ja tää sun blogi on upee! :-)


  11. ooh toi neule! tykkään tykkään tykkään!:)

  12. Anonyymi9/21/2013

    Mieluummin harvemmin hyvin toteutettuja postauksia kun, että päivittäis useemman kerran jotain turhaa ja joo kollaaseja ois kiva kattoo mut ei kuiteskaan liian usein kun sellanenkin alkaa kyllästyttää. Mun mielestä tää tahti mitä oot pitäny nyt on tosi hyvä ja tälleen saat myös pidettyä postaukset laadukkaina! Ainiin oisko seuraavaks luvassa se ostospostaus? Oon oottanu sitä ihan innolla:D<3

    1. kiitos kommentistasi :) joo oon sun kanssa samaa mieltä, varmaan jatkan postailua 2-3 kertaa viikossa niinkuin tähänkin asti oon tehny, koulu nimittäin vie sen verran aikaa että päivittäinen tahti ois ihan liikaa mulle! ja se tulee videolla sitten kun oon saanu raudat pois, elä kysy miks ootan siihen asti mutta en tiiä, jotenkin ehkä osaan puhuu luontevammin kameralle kun en en näytä hirveelle haha :)

  13. This look is gorgeous... Gotta love the Vogue peaking out. cc

  14. Amazing blog. All your photos look so beautiful and your style is fabulous!

  15. Päätin kurkistaa Lookbookista blogiisi ja pakko myöntää, että on aivan ihana ja voisin vaikka jäädä seurailemaan! :)

     Greetta Grace 

  16. Something beautiful!:)

  17. perfect outfit! love the lenght of the cardi.

  18. Anonyymi9/22/2013

    ihana postaus kokonaisuudessaan!<3

  19. Wow! Gorgeous blog! I totally love your style <3

    Style Junkie

  20. Love the outfit!
    Great blog, would you like to follow each other?
    I'm a New follower on bloglovin, waiting for Your turn ;)

  21. So stunning :) I love comfortable looks like these

    xx opinionslave.com

  22. I love your cardigan so much. Its very pretty! I want one!!
    I also love your blog so much, I love your photos and style <3
    Please check my blog http://asabriet.blogspot.com

    xx Ása Bríet

  23. Heino vaateet! That's about how much I can write in finnish... But I liked your outfits and your blog! :)

  24. Tykkäsin kovasti tästä asusta, sulla on upea tyyli! Itsekin viime aikoina tykästynyt noihin oversized neuleisiin.