Hey again! Hope you're having a great Monday. Tomorrow's my first test of my test week, which is English, so that shouldn't be that hard, thank god! I'm seriously so happy that this first test week of my second year of high school is this easy, because it hasn't been that easy to start school after my amazing summer! I seriously wish summer would be longer. It's depressing how fast it's getting colder and darker, and actually while shooting these photos it was absolutely freezing (I need to start wearing gloves and hats soon!). Oh, and another little update from my life, if you didn't know I've been suffering from knee pains for the past 4-5 years. Lately it has just gotten worse and worse, and it hurts a lot when I do normal stuff like climb up the stairs etc. So, although I've been to the doctor before and they didn't really find anything to worry about, I needed to go there again because it really was/is affecting my every day life! And surprise, surprise, the doctor actually said that I'm suffering from chondromalacia! So, now I have to see the physiotherapist and discuss a little bit more with him/her about what I should do, how I could strengthen my knees etc. The doctor also recommended for me to wear a knee brace occasionally to help with the pain and it actually does work! But because with it I can't really bend my knee, my walking looks really strange haha! And even though my both knees hurt and I would like to have a knee brace on them both, it would be so hard for me to walk without bending my knees, so I'll just have to deal with the pain on one of my knees. Does any one of you have chondromalacia? I would really like to know how you fixed it if you did, and did you have to go to a surgery, because I know that can be an option too. I really I hope it'll be fixed without surgery though, because to speak the truth, I'm kinda scared of surgeries even though I've never been in one hah!
But anyway, talking about this outfit. If you've followed my blog for a while now, you know that I got a TFNC dress to my sister's graduation party in the beginning of summer. I absolutely loved the dress I got: it fit me perfectly and I got so many compliments about it! I also was planning on getting another one of my prom dresses from them, but before I even started looking, they actually contacted me through instagram and asked if I wanted to pick out some dresses from them! So, this is one of the dresses I picked out, not my prom dress, but definitely a dress that I loved! I don't have any maxi dresses and I really wanted to have one, so I picked this one out! I've always been a little suspicious about anything strapless, just because I always see so many girls wearing strapless tops/dresses etc, and constantly pulling them up and struggling with them. But I still wanted this dress really badly, because it was so beautiful and because the previous dress was so perfect, so I thought this one would be too, and it sure was! I didn't pull it up at all when we took these pictures, because it stayed in place like magic. I also tried to jump up and down at home to see if it would fall down, and it didn't! So, I must say this dress is damn perfect, and I'll definitely be wearing this to my cousins wedding and also next summer a lot. (Oh, and if you want to check out this dress or some other dresses/clothes from them, check out their website http://tfnclondon.com/ )
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I decided to wear the dress with my floral crown from Claire's that I got from Brighton, that I haven't worn at all, so I wanted to wear it at least once before winter starts! And to give the look a little edgy touch, I paired it with my gorgeous leather jacket which I think was the perfect add for this look! Tell me what you think about this look, and would you wear it yourself? Love you x

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  1. what a gorgeous dress and that color looks amazing withe your hair color!


  2. I am sooo in love with this look. It is just gorgeous.


  3. Anonyymi9/24/2013

    You look so gorgeous in that dress! I love your long hair too - so luscious!

    Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

  4. Vau upealta näytät! :)

  5. You look stunning in your long dress :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!


  6. This look is absolutely gorgeous!! Really loving the dress. xx

  7. Wow mikä blogi ja vitsit mikä tyyli!! Pitää oikein vinkata tästä oman blogin seuraavassa postauksessa, haha :D rakastuin!

  8. tosi upee asu ja oot kaunis !


  9. What a beautiful dress, the color suits you so well! xx AtYourHeels

  10. You have such a balanced sense of style, I love how you put together masculine and feminine items in one look. great job!

  11. upea tyyli!! :) itse pidän juuri samanlaisista vaatteista, joten jään ehdottomasti lukijaksi :)


  12. Wow you look amazing, i`m really fall in love with your look <3

    Love Aline