Hey again! This is going to be my last Brighton post, I really hope you've been enjoying the pictures I've showed you and hopefully you can't wait the videos I'm going to show you after a few posts! I've decided that I'm going to show the things I got from Brighton in a video (as well as take some pictures too) , once I have the time, and I'll also do one video from the little clips I took when I was in Brighton. It just takes a ton of time for me to edit, because the editing program in the computer isn't the best (first I have to change the video format, because the editor doesn't recognize the one my camera has, and it takes forever! And then after that I have to edit the clips and aaah, it'll probably take me a whole day to do that!). I was also wondering that I could do more outfit/makeup/haul/beauty/whatever videos on my youtube channel, because I think many people liked the first video I made? (I got like 100 subscribers to my youtube channel from that video, and many people were saying I should do more) So maybe I'll be the next big beauty guru on youtube.. Haha yeah right, but I'll probably start making more videos soon, if you'd like?! :)
Anyway, back to the actual topic here. So, at the last week in Brigthon we all (aka my group) were already so close to each other, and it felt to sad to know that it was the last week we were going to spend together. We tried to get the most out of it, and the last week was definitely an amazing and fun week for sure (just like the two previous weeks). Some things we did there.. Well, I had my first actual English breakfast, which was just okay (not amazing, but not horrible either), I spent a ton of money on shopping, and also, we went back to London to do some shopping, although we went to like.. 5 stores, because the lack of time we had there. Then we also visited Madame Tussauds (the wax museum), even though I've been there before, I still went (aaaand I kinda regret it now, but oh well.. It was still fun). And yeah, all in all the week was really fun, and it was so sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful people I met. We promised to meet each other one day again, and I really hope we'll do that, because our group had some of the most amazing girls I've ever met in my life. It was also so weird to talk Finnish again when I traveled back to Finland with the Finnish groups, just because I was speaking English all_the_time in Brighton, for 3 weeks straight! But anyway, the trip really thought me a lot of things, most importantly how to be more independent and more confident, and I really would recommend language courses to anyone who are able to attend on one! I had the best 3 weeks of my life, that I'll never forget, and I definitely got friends that I'll remember forever <3 But, I really hope you enjoy these last pictures, and also, leave some comments to me to the comment box below, just because I love receiving your amazing comments! x

BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1079
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 827
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 830
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 908
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 993
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 989
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 943
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1080
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 927
Details from the outfit post I never posted !
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1094
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1101
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1113
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1178111
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1196
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1200
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1247
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 13021111
I spent one day in Helsinki after I got back, and I just couldn't help sharing this delicious picture haha!
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1308
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 1306

10 kommenttia:

  1. wonderful pictures, love the blazer!

  2. Tää sun blogi on kyllä niin ihana! Ois muuten tosi kiva nähdä lisää videoita sulta :)

    1. Lisää videoita tulossa! Kiitos paljon :)

  3. Gorgeous photographs. And that blazer you are wearing is very nice.


  4. Haha, you little sneek photographer! Yeah, I kinda regret going to Madame Tussaud as well! Aww, I mean... One Direction wasn't even there! We could have gone shopping, Haha <3

    1. Yeah! But we did a lot of shopping in Brighton though so that's okay, at least for me :) I just wish we could've visited Camden Town for even like a whole day, because it's amazing! Miss you xxx

  5. Amazing photos! That blazer is gorgeous and I love your pants!

    1. Thank you! Actually their Yu Lin's pants (my friend) and I adore them too haha :) x