Hi again! Now I'm doing my second week post from Brighton, as you may guess by reading the huge title haha! Anyways, again the second week of our language course was absolutely amazing, and we did so much stuff every single day! The days were full of activities, and we visited many places including Hastings, London, The Royal Pavilion (which was amazing, even though I'm not the biggest fan of castles or any historic stuff like that.. Apart from fashion history ofc !) some museums, an aquarium etc. This was my first time in all the places expect London. I've been in London once before with my family, and I just love the city more and more every time I go there. The sad thing was, that we didn't have that much time there! We went sightseeing a bit and also went to Victoria's Secret because I've never been there and I wanted to go. We also did some window shopping on the "expensive part" of London with Yu Lin, where there were stores like Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Alexander MQueen! Oh, if just I won the lottery one day...
   On our second week we also started our "normal school"-week there. It was a language course so of course we were going to study, although we pretty much just played games and did some really easy exercises. But before that, we finished our "fashion week", and we did a fashion show to all the other students, or at least some of them. It was so fun modelling and walking on the runway, because it's something I've never done before. Like I said in my previous post, I might be doing a separate post of our "fashion week" and the stuff we did there, but we'll see. Would you guys like that?
  But for now.. Enjoy the pictures :)

BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 434
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 454
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 447
(I'm sorry Yu Lin that I was obsessed with taking photos of you and your outfits!)
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 48411
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 546
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 502
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 548
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 531
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 612
and again the stylish Yu Lin
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 634
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 623
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 621
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 635
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 678
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 697
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 734
BRIGHTON 2013 (my pictures) 731

Hope you liked it!


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  1. Aahh niin niin niin ihania kuvia <3 mäkin haluan lontooseen!


  2. ihana blogi sulla! sait uuden lukijan <3

    <3:lla whenyourheartbeats.blogspot.fi

  3. Ihania Lontoo-kuvia! Ja mua kiinnostais kovasti "fashionweek"-postaus, olis tosi kiva nähdä mitä saitte aikaan! :)

    1. joo jos saan kuvia meidän leaderiltä niin semmosen varmaan värkkään :)

  4. Aww, you little street photographer, haha! <3 You take beautiful pictures, Linda! <3 Miss you! x

  5. Great pictures love them all! I really miss London...hope you had a nice time there as I see on the photos it was :)

  6. Anonyymi8/20/2013

    Hei teetkö postauksen missä esittelet sun ostokset koko reissulta? :)

  7. fwerwer8/21/2013

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  8. Anonyymi8/23/2013

    What VS-bodymist isur fav? :)

    1. I haven't tried many so i can't say :)

  9. Sul on niiin ihania kuvia, wau:) upea blogi <3

  10. I lovee it!! What camera do you use? perf<3