Summer Loving
Hey again! This week has been at the same time full of happy things and also not so happy things. First of all, we've had an amazing weather, once again, which is definitely a good thing! I've been at the beach with my friends almost every day and I've enjoyed the summer to the fullest! I've also finally gotten a nice tan which is obviously great news for me who hates being pale ! On the other side, some not so happy/good things have happened too. TWO of my ootd's basically failed, and I feel like I haven't made a post again in ages (if we don't count the little one I did yesterday) and also, our camera broke! Not totally, but this thing happened, which made shooting pictures really hard. That's why these pictures aren't the best quality (or some of them are, but some of them aren't)! But, like I thought at the last post, that we should just take it to the camera shop and they would fix it there, they recommended that we would get a whole new camera instead, and so we did! I'm now really excited, because the camera has some feautures that the old camera didn't have, and I really hope the quality of the pictures will be better from now on (but we'll see)! Also one exciting feature it had, was video! So, maybe I'll make some videos later, you'll never know! Anyway, I feel like I've talked (or wrote) way too much now, so shall the pictures speak for themselves. 
  DSC03844 DSC03827

I received this beautiful 'Linda'-bracelet and the heart/love rings from The Hatters through my blog and IG ! Love them so much, they're so elegant, chic and trendy at the same time! If you'd like to buy similar pieces, visit their website http://www.wethehatters.com/ ! x

DSC03737 DSC03805 DSC03837 DSC03688 DSC03814 DSC03843 DSC03821 XXLINDA

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  1. Love the outfit,the shorts and the rings are super cute!xx


  2. Hello Linda,
    Thank you so much for your incredibly nice comment on my blog!

    I think I just looked through all of your post, I love them so much! Your blog is so cute and you have an awesome taste in style!!

    What do you think about doing interviews on each others blogs? so I could promote your blog on mine? let me know if you are interested and send me an email to olympiasblog@web.de

    lots of love

  3. Aivan ihana asu♥

  4. ihana asu :))


  5. Oot aivan sairaan kaunis ja ihastuin tähän blogiin tosi paljon!Sait uuden lukijan:-)


  6. So beautiful!! I loved your lace shorts! (maybe because i have those haha)
    follow me on GFC? i will follow you as well.

  7. i really love these plain sandals :)

  8. Anonyymi6/29/2013

    You are so beautiful!! You have amazing style! I love him! :)

    Visit my blog www.dyverst.blogspot.com

  9. Oh thank you so much for your lovely comment. :) You look amazing in those pictures, your style is just great!
    Have a nice day, I'll click my way through your page now.

    Mary-Ann :)

  10. oi, kun sulla on kiva tyyli! :-)


  11. Siis apuva, aivan mielettömän ihana löytö tää sun blogi! Just tämmöistä oon etsinyt! Oot todella kaunis, sulla on hurjan upeita vaatteita ja tää blogi on täynnä ihania kuvia :-) ♥ Liityin ehdottomasti lukijaksi!

    Ihanaa kesää sulle!


  12. beautiful outfit!I love the rings, the bracelets and of course the nail polish *-*

  13. Very pretty outfit, you styled it so well. The bit of lace peeking through is great and those heels are amazing!


  14. i loved your pictures


  15. Oi kun on söpöt pitsi shortsit:)