Good morning! How is everyone? I'm leaving to my grandmoms and granddads place soon, for a week, and I know, I know, usually I stop making posts and you have to wait until I come back, but not this time! I'm actually doing two posts today (three if you count this one) and timing them for next week! So even though I'm doing them today, I'm timing them so you can have one on tuesday and one on friday! So you don't have to miss me even though I'm away haha :)
   But now, let the pictures speak for themselves, I don't have the time to talk about how I picked out the outfit or anything like that , SORRY! Hope you enjoy the post(s) anyway ♥

DSC02568 DSC02650 DSC02642 DSC02555 DSC02653
xx Linda 

+++ A QUESTION FOR YOU:  If anyone knows how to do the social media sites/about/contact me thingies on the top part (right under the banner) pleeeease tell me! I would really like to do that,, but unfortunately don't have no idea how :( example here >   http://www.nanysklozet.com/

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  1. wonderful pictures!:)
    sorry for my bad english but maybe i can help you:)
    sites is the third categorie on the left site on blogger where you can create your sites like 'about'... to take the sites on the top part you have to go on 'Layout' and put the gadget 'sites' under your header. to center the sides you have to create a html-code, i'm not shure what it is but you can google it, i also have.
    i hope i can help you and you can understand it:)

  2. Arvostelua pukkaa:

    +Siisti ulkoasu
    +laadukkaat kuvat
    +Englanniksi kirjoitettu, parantaa niin sinun kuin lukijoidesi kielitaitoa! Ihailtavaa kirjoittaa enkuksi:)

    -kuvien välit liian suuret
    -ota salasanavahvistus kommenteista pois

  3. Hey Sweetie..
    like your post and your Outfit!!!

    wanna follow each other?


  4. Love everything about this outfit! Looks great on you!!
    xo jess

  5. Sairaan kiva ja persoonallinen idea tehä tälleen "suuren maailman" bloggaajien tyyliin blogi. Tykkään tosi paljon! :)


  6. sivut > näytä sivut muodossa > ylävälilehti > tallenna & sitte vaa rupeet tekee uusia sivuja - siis jos tuota tarkotit


  7. Oot tosi kaunis ja ihana tyyli sulla!