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Even though my blog is a fashion blog, I really wanted to test my new camera yesterday so I took these photos throughout the day . This is basically what I've been doing for the past week, going to the beach pretty much every day and then at the evening just relaxed at home. Yesterday though my friend and I had a sleepover, because we won't see each other in a month! And I won't be posting that much (or at all) for 3 weeks either, but I'm going to talk about the reason a little later! Anyway, hopefully next week I'll be able to do some more ootd's and also maybe film a little styling video! Yes? No? What do you think about the idea?

Oh, and that 'relaxing' text pretty much doesn't have anything to do with the picture, but oh well! My instagram is @lindalovesfashion if anyone is interested!


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  1. Tosi hyvälaatusia kuvia!:)http://globalflawlessbeauty.blogspot.fi/

  2. Hey Linda, I really liked this post!! Please do more of those.. xx

  3. ohh & ps: Finish bread are so good!! I saw the breakfast pic, and I was like: omg yumm!!

  4. Ehdottomasti kyllä videolle!

  5. Tykkään kovasti sun kuvistasi <3

  6. You are wearing this Zara skort so beautifully! The styling with the various shades of blue is dramatic and gorgeous! Have a fantastic trip and course in the UK, doll!

    Lauren at adorn la femme