Hi again! I wanted to do a little bit different post this time, and share my top 10 summer essentials for this summer!

1. Skirts and dresses : Well this is an obvious one hahaha (like some of these are, but anyway). Skirts and dresses are definitely one of my favourite things to wear in the summer time. If you didn't already know, Finland is sooo cold during the winter months, and I would probably freeze to death if I tried walking around with skirts/dresses (even with tights on!) So, in the summer time I want to make the most out of it, and wear skirts and dresses as much as I can! Especially flowy ones, or the ones with cool prints on them, OR cute colored ones: they're my absolute favourite ♥

2. Shorts and rompers: Another obvious one, but I just looove wearing things like these so much! I love high wasted shorts (just like high wasted anything basically) and also I'm madly in love with my lace shorts at the moment, that I got last year from Zara. And then rompers.. Well, I only have two, but they're just perfect for the beach, aren't they? And also, you can dress them up with a blazer and heels, and go for a fancy event or something! So versatile, yet, so cute!

3. Cute sandals: Okay, who doesn't like to wear cute sandals in the summer? The ones on the pictures are definitely my cutest ones, with the pink bows and everything! Every time I wear them, somebody says that they're so cute, and I couldn't agree more! (They're from Primark btw, got them last year)

4. My Fashion Trend Collections magazine (Spring/Summer 2013) :  This is a must have for any fashion addict out there! It has pretty much every single fashion show from this season, and it also tells the theme of the collection, the style of it, the inspiration for the collection, the colors/fabrics and prints/patterns used in it and also the shoes in it! I'm definitely going to start collect these and then go back after ten years or something and see what was on trend then! So convenient !

5. Sunglasses: Nothing much to say really.. Cute and convenient, me likey!

6. Nailpolishes that look good with a tan: Don't say I'm the only one who does this? Even though I'm not extremely tan yet, I looove wearing pinks and corals and colors like that for the summer, just because they compliment my tan so well! I do the same with bikinis haha!

7. Adidas Fruity Rhythm perfume: I suck at describing scents, but let's just say this is the perfect scent for the summer! Girly, floraly and fresh, AND under 10 € ! Can't go wrong with that.

8. Garnier BB-cream: I haven't tried any other BB-creams, but I've heard this is the best one that you can get from the drugstore! It's a bit too dark for me still, but when I mix it with my moisturizer, it looks absolutely perfect! Evens out my skin tone, isn't too heavy and has an SPF in it! Perfection ♥

9. Revlon lip butters: Love love loooove these for summer! They're basically like lip balms, but with tons of pigmentation in them! I have two colors, strawberry shortcake and sweet tarte, and I'm obsessed with them both! Again, they're not as heavy as a lipstick, and not as sticky as a lipgloss, so they're just perfect for the summertime!

10. Clutches, cream eyeshadows, pink blushes, sunscreen and waterproof  mascara.. nothing interesting to say about them, but definitely has to make it to this list! 


xx Linda

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  1. voi ku kauniit sandaalit!! <3

  2. Onpas sulla muuten kiva blogi! Upea tyyli sulla :)

  3. rakastuin ensisilmäyksellä sun blogiin<3! sul on mahtava tyyli, oot todella kaunis ja tää bloginkin ulkoasu on kivan simppeli :) täällä ilmoittautuu yksi uusi innokas lukija lisää :-) !


    käy toki kattomassa myös mun blogi ja liity ihmeessä lukijaks jos nappas. :)

  4. Löysin sut instast, ja voin sanoo et aivan ihana sinä ja ihana blogi! <3 tykkään sun tyylistä, ei hirveen moni tyttö osaa pukeutua noin hienosti ja ilmaista itseään vaatteiden avulla! :) love it!


  5. Apua oon ihan rakastunut sun tyyliin! Varsinkin noi sandaalit on ihanat <3 Mistä oot löytäny noi Revlon lip butterssit? Ulkomailta? Koska noita ei mun ymmärtääkseni myydä Suomessa (?)