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Usually I only post fashion related post, but today I wanted to inform you about something: Sun is finally decided to give Finland some warmth too, and yesterday was a gorgeous warm day! I even went tanning to my backyard, read some old vogue magazines and just relaxed. Talking about a perfect day between all this school stress that I've been having lately. Anyway, I snapped some photos while relaxing and decided to upload them here because well a) I haven't posted in ages and b) why not? Also about the posting "issue", I've decided to make 3-4 posts this week! (This being the first one) and kinda making it up to you, that I haven't posted in forever! Also, I'm afraid that at the end of this month I wont be able to post as much, because of my very last test week before summer, but in the summer time I try to at least make 3 posts every week :) Anyway, hope you enjoy these sunny pictures and have a great rest of the week ♥
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xx Linda 

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  1. Beautiful pictures..
    Adorable blog...
    I will follow your blog...
    New post on my blog...
    nice day

  2. Beautiful Pics! Love them and your blog!



  3. Lovely photos! :) Those cucumber slices really makes drinking water much more refreshing :)


  4. Lovely pictures! I hear that a lot of people mix water with cucumbers. Is it nice?


  5. Yummm! Love the last photo, I mix lemons with my water :)

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