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Hellooo! Today I wore something pretty simple and classic, which is something I actually like to wear most of the days, especially for school. These blue jeans are definitely my favourite pair in the moment, because they're just so comfortable and I love the pop of color they give to any outfit! Also, this leather jacket I'm wearing is definitely my favourite jacket of all time! I got it last year when I visited London and Camden town, and I found it from a little boutique there! They also had a black leather jacket, which was also pretty much perfect, but I only got this one! Sadly, I've noticed that here in Finland I haven't been able to find as perfect jackets as I found from there! I'm actually currently on a hunt for the perfect black leather jacket, so hopefully I find one soon! Anyway, let's hope the weather gets even warmer soon, and I can start wearing skirts/shorts etc regularly!  I'm tired of wearing long pants already! Hope you like this outfit though! ♥
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xx Linda

4 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely outfit. And such lovely shoes.


  2. you're right. they do give that extra pop! love them.


  3. I love Primark!!

    It's been forever since the last time I went!

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  4. Wow I love your Outfit and your Blog. you are an inspiration and it is so nice that you are so young but got such a great style!