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Hey! It was quite a grey day outside when we took these photos, so that's why the pictures might appear a  bit dark (the few I put on this post). But don't worry, when the summer comes, that wont hopefully be a problem anymore! And talking about summer, you guys have no idea how excited I already am! The sun, the beach, the cuter clothes, tanned skin.. Gosh, I wish I lived in Florida or something.. Anyway, I've officially changed my everyday jacket to a leather jacket instead of my winter ones, so that's a good start, right?
     Talking about the outfit, I'm in love with these pants! I don't actually wear them that often, just because they always somehow go missing to my messy closet! I actually got some food to my jeans while I was in school (yeah, I'm a messy person), so when I got home, I decided to change into these pants and take some photos! I think they look really cute with this outfit, and that blazer gives a little pop of color to the whole outfit! I know, I know, my outfits are still pretty dark/white, but I try to add some color now and then! (Oh, and remember when I said that I try to buy more colorful clothes.. Well I just bought a black jumpsuit.. Whoopsie! Well, maybe next time?) Anyway, enjoy the pictures :)

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 Also, I would like to know what you think about my blog/pictures, what's good, and what's bad! I personally think, I'm getting better, but I'm not still 100% pleased with the result. That's why I need your opinion !

xx Linda

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  1. I love your blazer and your pants. Good combination! Great look :)




  2. Anonyymi4/25/2013

    I really really like your blog. It's somehow funny because I'm 21 or actually almost 22 and you are many years younger but you are such an inspiration to me.
    To the question about the pictures and the blog: I think too that you are getting better. At the beginning you always looked down which was somehow irritating. Now you pose much better and I think it's a great idea to write the brands of the clothes right in the picture. It would be nice if you could structure the blog little bit better. I think of this thing (no idea how it's called) which most of the blogs have where you can find the social media sites and contact possibilities and so on. And don't always say your post aren't perfect because nothing in the world is, but your readers are enjoying your content so it can't be that bad.;)
    Hope this helped you a little!
    xo Linda (also born in Finnland but living in Switzerland for quite a while now).

  3. Ohohoo mitä ihmettä?!?! Ihan älyttömän ihania kuvia, mitenkään en käsitä miten sulla ei oo tyyliin 3000 lukijaa... Koska ansaitsisit tämmöisillä asukuvilla ja laadulla niin paljon! :) Tuut pääsemään vielä pitkälle!

  4. Anonyymi4/27/2013

    Kivat housut, itse löysin samanlaiset mutta hameena Lindexiltä