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This really old song (?) started playing randomly in my head, so that's why the title :) Anyway, I have some happy news for you! My test week is finally over! Now I can get back to my regular 2-3 posts a week! (oh and I deleted the previous post because I made it in such a rush, and ended up hating it haha)
  So yeah, this outfit I wore on Saturday, and it was the first time I wore my new converse out! It's been a long time since I made a post with something else on my feet other than heels, and I still feel that I look extremely short, but oh well! I'm in love with my white Converse, because they're so classic and basically go with everything! Probably going to wear these almost daily when it gets warmer!
 This outfit all in all is pretty semi casual, something I would wear to school maybe, with a bigger bag though (It would be impossible for me to put 5 books into that small clutch... But that's pretty obvious isn't it, unless you thought I was Mary Poppins). And also, I just realized I haven't worn my burgundy jeans in a looooong time, maybe one of the reasons being that my closet it so messy that I always forget the clothes I have, but when I was picking out this outfit, I noticed the burgundy little stripes on the Converse, and decided to make it match my jeans! Buuuut yeah,  it's getting pretty late here, and I really should go and work out! (haven't had any exercise in 2 weeks, and I've just been eating and eating and eating! I feel fat inside (haha), and believe it or not, I'm pretty determined on getting good abs for summer!) So, hope you like the outfit!

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  1. Love this outfit!xx


  2. wow, i love it :) you look so great.

    xx Karla

  3. You look awesome! One of my favorite bloggers!

    The Fashionable ESQ.